Must Use Chrome Extensions for Every Blogger

Now-a-days the use of Google Chrome has been accelerated at a stunning pace. Most of the Google users are friendlier with Chrome rather using any other browsers. There are few Chrome extensions which have helped different websites to get the maximum number of audience reach.

1. Crystal for the Gmail

Among all the extensions, there is a particular extension which is commonly known as Crystal. Getting visibility of the emails is the primary factor which every user wants to get assured of. Here comes the importance of Crystal and it helps you to adapt your series of emails depending on the importance of the person to whom you are writing to. Initially, this

Crystal makes different profiles of the people, depending upon the public data such as from the forum posts, tweets, blog posts and much more. Now Crystal uses this information to make you understand the best response.


2. The Magic of WordPress

The Google documents can easily be transferred to the WordPress with a simple click process. The striking facility that this WordPress provides is that one can easily create posts and upload the blog on the internet page.

One can easily upload diversified posts at once and publish the post very quickly. Also, there is an option for changing the size of the large photos.


3. Grammarly

If you are a frequent blogger, there is no option left for you apart from using the This particular extension is considered as one of the most useful ones can easily check the grammar of the article or the blog on it.

If you register on this site, you will experience two different ways through which the software is detecting the wrong grammar. Also, there will be the correct spelling suggestion, appear above the wrong word.


4. Mercury Reader

Basically, the function of this extension is, it eliminates all the unnecessary elements like the ads, the sidebars and more importantly the social buttons from the articles, blogs and the web pages. Rather, it allows you to focus on the content.

As the unnecessary elements are removed it becomes absolutely clear to the readers. Apart from this, there is another option which you can avail in this extension. This includes, one can view the multi-page articles on this single page.


5. Limitless

This is an application which works as a transformer and converts a blank new page to a personalized dashboard. It clearly shows where the time is being spent while you are in the middle of writing blogs. Also, it helps you to keep a track on your goals.

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These are the basic extensions which you can use if you a blogger. However, you need to see the exact functioning of these different extensions. Check out the functions very carefully before using these applications.

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