10 Reasons Why Google Nexus 7 is a Fail, Think & Buy

Google, last month at the I/O conference 2012 unveiled one of its flagship products – The Nexus 7 tablet. The event also witnessed the release of Android Jelly Bean 4.1. The Nexus 7 tablet has a High Definition display that measures 7 inches and is available in two versions – one with 8 GB storage and the other with 16 GB storage. It is Wi-Fi enabled and is priced at around $199 and $249 respectively.

Everyone loves this new tablet and so do I. But, what I have mention over here are (with no offense to the company and the product) the potential threats faced by Nexus 7 and some features, which if it were included, could have enhanced the overall Nexus 7 experience. So, the list goes like this:

1). Its not Google’s, its Asus’s

Everyone saying it as ‘Google Nexus’ but the realty is that it is not completely manufactured by Google it is gone produced by Google in co-operation with Asus, but as all other versions of Google Nexus is also co-developed with other brands, it is not a big thing to care about because this tablet passes all the benchmarks of Google Inc.

2). The Display Size

In a scenario where tablets with a 10 inch displays are popular, it is indeed a brave attempt by the company to release a tablet that measures 7 inches. Google and Asus dared to do things differently, despite knowing the fact that similar 7 inch tablets failed earlier. Only if the display was a little big, the entire experience would have been something different.

3). Absence of a Rear Camera

It doesn’t matter if you use it or you not, but people expect a rear camera in all of their devices these days & that also of high quality because now people have become habituated with clicking pictures with their tablets & Phones. Then also Google might have removed the camera to reduce the manufacturing cost of the tab, but I still wish for the re-launches with a rear camera.

4). Lack of Mobile Features

That’s why it is a tablet but then if I purchase a tablet of $249 and then purchase a phone of $200 and keep both with me, that doesn’t seems to be good instead of that I would surely like to have a device that do all the work in one, and that’s what I expected from Google.

5). No GPRS/3G/4G

As this tablet not feature any mobile functionality it doesn’t need any SIM Card and that makes this tablet without today’s wireless connectivity (GPRS/3G/4G). People demand connectivity around the clock irrespective of the location and the device they use. But, contrary to this, the tablet only uses Wi-Fi connectivity which forces people to search for hotspots to go online which is hard to find outside USA. I really wish my Nexus 7 had a 3G support and the presence of it would have been a bigger boost to the tablet’s sales.

6). No Storage Capacity Extension

Though the tablet offers two versions with 8GB and 16 GB storage space each which is a lot of space for normal users but if you want to watch HD movies in your Nexus 7 then you will need to have it in your device and as size of HD movies now go around 1-4GB each you won’t be able to store much in your device space and then you will need to extend your storage capacity which  is currently not possible with Google Nexus 7.

7). Google – Centric features

Google knows how to promote its allied services with its own products. That’s why the company has powered the tablet with its own services like the Google cloud storage for those who require additional storage space and more emphasis on Google +, YouTube and Gmail.

8). The non existence of a Video – output

Since there is no TV Video Output slot, you cannot connect your Nexus 7 to your television for watching movies or to view photos. That makes it harder to view pictures together with your friends and family on a get together or similar situation. A tablet seriously needs at least one output slot like a micro HDMI slot.

9). A Home screen that won’t rotate

Though this may not be a major issue, I still found it inconvenient (tablet is all about convenience, right). So no matter in which direction you rotate, the home screen won’t change.

10).  iPad mini speculations

To pose a competition, Apple has also planed to release a 7 inch version of its own Apple iPad. We all know how Apple markets its products and the outcome of it as well. So, we can expect this one to be one of the best tech clashes till date.

And once again I would like to remind that these are not complaints, I just wish that it would have been better if they eliminated these problem. And you should not forget the good features of Nexus 7 which makes it good to buy gadget. The tablet is still lovable and credits goes to Google and Asus for coming up with such an affordable and a wonderful tablet.

After reading this great negative review about Google Nexus 7 if you not concerned about the 10 reasons listed, then Google Nexus 7 is for you. You can buy it on Amazon. If you are from India then you can get it for 15884 on HomeShop18.

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