5 Common Blog Post Writing Problems & their Solutions

This article covers five of the most commonly seen blog posts writing errors that exist today. Besides number three (changing person perspective) each error has a clear solution that can be instigated to catch and correct the error every time. Some solutions even offer methods through which you may avoid making the mistake in the future. Number three however will simply require good proof reading, which cannot always be assured.

1). Changing subject midway through the blog post

Problem – This happens very frequently and is often too subtle for the blog poster to notice. A blog poster will have an idea on a subject and start writing, but as a he/she begins to write, he/she will begin to formulate new ideas on the subject, and maybe even form new ideas. The blogger will excitedly add these new ideas and thoughts to the blog post and will therefore have the blog post change its subject half way through.

Solution – The blog poster must decide upon a “point” for his/her blog. He/she may call this their blog post’s “goal”. The goal is to convince the viewer of something, to explain something, or to get the blogger’s opinion across (or all three if you wish). If the blogger creates a “goal” for their blog then they are less likely to lose focus or change the blog post’s subject.

2). Unfocused blog posting

Problem – A person may write a blog post, which starts with one topic, touches upon a few others and then ends with either a vague conclusion, or a text that is very difficult to conclude upon. This type of blog post is sometimes done by people who are writing because they are bored, writing for pleasure, or who are under a tight deadline for their blog and have just put anything online.

Solution – The blog poster should create a process for making a blog post. Each blog post should have a plan. The blogger must get into the routine of collecting his/her thoughts, putting them into a blog plan, turning the blog plan into a blog post structure, and then using that structure to create the blog post.

3). Changing person perspective

Problem – This is a common problem because it is difficult to proof read. A writer may start by writing in the first person perspective and then slip into third persons or second person perspective. These mistakes often only happen over a few sentences, but they are a mistake.

Solution – Other than very good proofreading, there is very little a person can do. Maintaining your focus during a blog post will help, but otherwise this is a very difficult error to avoid or catch.

4). Being promotional instead of opinionated

Problem – Many people start a blog so that they may link related material and pages to their website in order to increase its page rank. This is a nice idea, but some people take it too far and make their blog too promotional. There is nothing wrong with shining a positive light on your company or its products but do it too much and it puts readers off.

Solution – Shine a positive light on your company and its products with a very subtle touch. Do not promote yourself on your blog, unless you have a dedicated section, such as an author bio section, but a company bio section.

5). Not fully reading of the blog post through before posting it

Problem – Many people endeavor to proofread their blog posts. Due to the fact that the people who create the blog posts are also the ones who proofread the blog post–many errors are missed. This is because the writer “knows” what he or she wrote, and therefore feels that he/she need only skim through the text. He or she may pick up two or three errors and feel safe in the fact that the blog post is perfect. This is a mistake, because the most common typos and mixed-up-word-order errors are the hardest to spot without going over each sentence individually.

Read Everything

Solution – The only solution is a little bit of dedication and tenacity. A person has to have the discipline and a strong will to be able to read his/her work and check every line without skim reading half a paragraph or so. It involves a greater amount of care in proof reading.

These are only Top 5 Common Blog Post Writing Problems with their Solutions, but there are many more that should be considered if you want your blog to be the best in its niche. I will write about them in a future post, till then let me know which problem(s) you face while write a blog post.

December 1st, 2012

9 Responses on 5 Common Blog Post Writing Problems & their Solutions|

  1. mahi kashyap says:

    Above problems are very true and seems to be very common…
    Thanks for providing solutions also………

  2. Matt says:

    #5 is a big one for me, I also notice it a lot around the traps on the web quite regularly.

  3. 5). Not fully reading of the blog post through before posting it. This part of your post can really strike a lot of bloggers. Many are actually not into the habit of double checking their blog post before they actually publish it!
    Lea @ Doula Training recently posted..Finding the right Obestetrician for you!My Profile

  4. Robinsh says:

    Almost all the points are need to fix in my case and no doubt if I’ll fix these problems with the given solutions I’ll become a better blogger just within next 3 months and my name and fame will double along the way.

    Thanks for such an informative effort here and I’ll really copy and paste it in my Gmail draft for frequent reading so that I’ll improve.
    Robinsh recently posted..Is Dropshipping Right for Your eCommerce BusinessMy Profile

  5. Lee says:

    Hi Sonia
    Ol deer the above seems to sum me up. My biggest problem is 5 I read through my posts but I think I just scan through them and it is normally when I come back and have a look properly I think blast that is wrong this is wrong. I don’t think there is one i haven’t edited yet.

    So for great heads up solutions thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..Summer Bucket ListMy Profile

  6. Dr. Blum says:

    I’ll be the first to admit, I change from 1st person to 3rd person quite often when drafting a post. And my posting can be a little unfocused at times. I have found that having another person, like your spouse or kids, give it a read through and make comments before publishing is extremely helpful. This saves you from being too critical of your own work and destroying a decent piece, or in the alternative, not being critical enough and lacking proper editing.
    Dr. Blum recently posted..Do We Need Straighter Teeth?My Profile

  7. “Unfocused blog posting”— This is my biggest problem. Thanks for the tips.
    Christopher James recently posted..The new nubriMy Profile

  8. ige ebima says:

    Number five seem to be the problem i face and i think its time i stoped it,thanks for the tips
    ige ebima recently posted..Tips to Become Successful in Small Business BloggingMy Profile

  9. Satrap says:

    I think we as bloggers have been told so many times that we need to post content constantly that sometimes we forget that quality is more important than quantity. I would rather publish 1 quality post that helps my readers instead of 10 mid level ones.
    Satrap recently posted..Paid Surveys for Teens: 20 Legit Free Sites to Make Money withMy Profile

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