Advantage & Disadvantage of Using Facebook for Business

Meet the People who'll Love Your Business Through Facebook for Business

It is a fact now that the Facebook is the largest social network in the world and therefore it comes as no surprise that many businesses are using the platform in an effort to ‘connect’ with their customers.

There are plenty of companies out there who are successfully marketing their business on Facebook, and achieving a lot of additional revenue because of it.

But everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages, so what are the pros and cons of using this platform?

Perhaps the biggest advantage is that using Facebook is absolutely FREE for any size of businesses, as long as you don’t count out advertisements. So why wouldn’t you want to do it?


Advantages of Using FB for Business

It starts with a another fact that it costs absolutely nothing to set up, just give few minutes in making your business page on Facebook and you could end up being a rousing success.

Facebook allows you to connect with your customers on a ‘personal’ level. You will be surprised at how many customers out there are much more willing to purchase if they feel like they are familiar with a company.

Facebook is also brilliant for getting your message out there to hundreds and thousands of different people. Every time you make an ‘update’ to your page, it will be shared with everybody that has liked you.

If it is a particularly riveting piece of content, then they could share it with their friends. It truly could end up going ‘viral’. This is going to make business boom and is one of the biggest advantages of the platform.


Disadvantages of Using FB for Business

Perhaps the biggest downside is that if you are a ‘single person’ company. It makes it slightly difficult to split up your business and personal life. Something which you really need to do in order to ‘de-stress’ at the end of the day.

It also takes a long time to build up followers. Unless you are a well-liked business already, it will take a lot of marketing in order to ‘point’ people towards your Facebook page, and to be honest, these marketing dollars are probably going to be better spent on other ventures.

You will also need to ensure that you are ‘constantly’ updating your page; otherwise you will start to lose followers quite quickly. You will be putting a lot of effort into keeping Facebook up to date, and again, this time could probably be better spent elsewhere.

This will also require a lot of time to answer individual customer queries. If you leave your page too long, it could end up becoming very difficult to manage as a lot of spam comments could end up coming your way.

The reason why companies are so successful in updating their pages is because they have huge teams dedicated to their social marketing. Don’t expect to reach the ‘dizzying’ heights of most of the companies on Facebook though.

In my opinion, every company out there should have a Facebook page, without it you will be doing your company a huge disservice. But you shouldn’t ‘rely’

November 19th, 2015

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  1. Chip Whitely says:

    Excellent article! It is pretty easy to see the advantages of using facebook, but it definitely has some drawbacks. Especially for old timers like me who did not grow up with facebook and has to learn it on the go!

  2. luikarlos says:

    A business page is the best feature offers by facebook. One can easily promote business with the help of this platform.Thank you for sharing your views with us. Users can also visit here fro any other detail related to facebook business page

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