3 Benefits of Using Social Media For Business

These days social media are being used everywhere like on blogs and website, it is becoming like addiction but everyone uses it for several reasons such as, for making their blog more popular among real user and attract new visitors also or for making sale of their products which will directly increase their revenue.

Currently their are five main social networks doing great among users, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest they have 900 Million to 100 Million users and you can also take benefit from them to increase your business coverage area.

Now people have misconception that social media is only useful for online business and websites, where the truth is that social media is for everyone either online or offline. I will also not deny the fact that  social media is more useful for online business compared to offline business.

So here I will tell you the benefits of using social media for business either it is online or offline. You can use social media for any these reasons suits you and your business best.

Attract New Customers

Mostly bloggers and website owners use social media for getting visitors, We can also use social media for attracting new customers to our business. There are several ways to do that like you can create a Facebook fan page and promote it online and offline to get lots of fans so whenever you launch you will not have to think where to promote your product, it will be a great and easiest way to attract new customers.

If you have any business related to pictures, designing or any other type of business which can be shown only using pictures then new social network Pinterest is for you it is going to be even better than Facebook for you because it is photo sharing social network.

Interaction with existing customers

Just think that you made lots of customer last year and now you have launched a new product but because you don’t have any connection with your previous customers you will have to start from ZERO, again find customers and convince them for your quality.

That will not be a good idea surely, now by using social networks you can be connected to all your customers from now onward.

So, how can you do that ?

Basically you just have to create a Facebook profile and a fan page and tell your every customer to join you on Facebook, if you promote your products by distributing pamphlets then you can promote your Facebook fan page url on that also.

And after your customers join you on Facebook you should contact them ask to review your product there, so that will help other customers to believe in you and your products easily.

Marketing at targeted place

If you have connections with your existing product users on Facebook’s fan page then you can/should promote your new product their first because your customers know about you and your company so they will not going to think much before buy your product if they need it.

But what if you don’t have a fan page yet or you don’t have connections with your previous customers or you are just starting a new business ?

Then the 2nd most popular social network Twitter is going to help you a lot in promoting your new product to targeted place, on Twitter they offer a great feature called “hashtags” you can use it too you just have to write your targeted keyword with a preceding hash (#) tag symbol, For example if I want to promote a new shoe then you I tweet like:

Hey friends we have launched a #newshoe which light, comfortable, stylish and cheap in comparison to others.

As you can see in the example above I have used “#newshoe” instead of “new shoe” I did that because I want to be in reach of users who are searching for “New Shoe” that mean that if a user searches for new shoe or new shoes then my tweet will be displayed and chances are good that I make sales instantly, this happened only because I have mentioned that keyword in my tweet using hashtags.

So, at last I would like to tell you that there are many more social networks available you just have to find which matches your product best and then you can start promoting your business there.

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