Top 10 Free SMS Sites in India – Most Popular

Yesterday when I was going to sleep I got a message which I had to reply but when I tried to reply I got a notification saying you have no balance so the message couldn’t be sent, so I thought about using online messaging service 160by2 which is the most popular and was successful.

And after that I got this idea of creating a list of top 10 free messaging sites in India to help others, who might be looking to try some other services also.

Before I start with the list I think you should first know how these sites work ?

Actually the messages are sent through a web script and forwarded to your mobile number through an SMS gateway, the site owners purchase bulk messages through the gateway providers it cost something like 1 Lac SMS for Rs. 10,000.

So, why they are spending thousands of rupees ? Because they make 10x more than they spend, from the advertisements they place below your message and the ads on their websites.

Why you should be using these free messaging sites?

There are lots of reason so see which one best suits you;

Totally Free of Cost –They don’t charge you anything.

Could Send SMS Worldwide – Some sites allow you to send free messages worldwide.

Privacy – You can send messages anonymously (don’t be evil)

No Limit – Now in India you can only send 100 sms in one day but on these sites there is no limit.

No Network Coverage in Mobile – Recently I was in J & K where our mobiles don’t have network coverage so in that case I could have used these sites to send the messages to my loved ones.

Bulk Messaging Even On Special Days – Mobile network providers prohibit bulk messaging on days like 31 December, Holi, Dewali etc. and also start charging at normal rates disabling the message packs.

Saves Your Money –  If you do lots of messaging then these sites could do magic for you, you don’t have to worry about talktime or about the expiry of message pack.

As now you have the reason to use these services, so here is the list of the best free messaging sites in India:-



With 160by2 you can send free SMS to India to any mobile network. It is completely free and easy to use & send, a highly reliable service. 160by2 has 12 million users in India because of their faster speed of delivering the messages.

Characters Supported : 140
No. of SMS You Can Send : Unlimited
Send Sms to : India
Can Receive Replies in Web Inbox? : No
Registration Required? : Yes



I like the Way2Sms service alot because they provide very fast service and along with that they are now recently started supporting international messaging also. But that was also not enough so they are paying you for using their service, not directly but as recharge amounts if you continue to use their service you can recharge you mobile for free.

Characters Supported : 140
No. of SMS You Can Send : Unlimited
Send Sms to : India, and 209 Countries
Can Receive Replies in Web Inbox? : No
Registration Required? : Yes



This also very great service I have used this too and the message delivery is lightning fast, and they also pay 2 paise for sending each message, so if you do lots of messaging then I will recommend this to you.

Characters Supported : 140
No. of SMS You Can Send : Unlimited
Send Sms to : India
Can Receive Replies in Web Inbox? : No
Registration Required? : Yes



Send free SMS any where in India from, you can create unlimited groups to send SMS in once. They also have their own sms collection which you can use.

Characters Supported : 140
No. of SMS You Can Send : Unlimited
Send Sms to : India
Can Receive Replies in Web Inbox? : No
Registration Required? : Yes



This is India’s first free messaging portal to offer voice sms, send free voice and text sms to any mobile in India, coupled with exceptional delivery speed with free email alert’s on mobile making Site2SMS very popular.

Characters Supported : 260
No. of SMS You Can Send : Unlimited
Send Sms to : India
Can Receive Replies in Web Inbox? : No
Registration Required? : Yes

These are top 5 sites which I have used personally and can guarantee that you will not be disappointed, but you can surely give a try to the remaining sites.


14 Responses on Top 10 Free SMS Sites in India - Most Popular|

  1. yogesh pant says:

    thanks for a good list of the best free sms sites available in India.
    However, I personally suggest using WAY2SMS as I have been a member there for more than 2 years and they are adding more and more services also.
    yogesh pant recently posted..OBJECTS CAN BE MADE INVISIBLE: METAMATERIALSMy Profile

  2. Tafoor Tariq says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderfull post with us.Hope to learn more from you.Keep it up.

  3. i’ve never listen about gonna try this out ..
    Prince Ramgarhia recently posted..Watch YouTube Videos Without BufferingMy Profile

  4. The bulk sms service industry is flourishing like anything. It is one of the hottest choices of most of the companies for reaching to mass users in less time. With loop hole in email marketing, sms marketing is in trend.
    Navneet Sinha recently posted..Voice sms for making marketing personalizeMy Profile

  5. With the new changes in the Gmail tabs. E-mail marketing just took a huge hit and so will SMS. I’d say it’s out. – Scott Craighead

  6. These service providers customize their services as per the need of the customers and make marketing easy for them.

  7. Marketers prefer sending sms to their clients, in order to make them in direct touch with their clients. Bulk sms is simple, convenient, cost effective, and user friendly.

  8. I use Way2Sms too whenever I’m in India. It’s really good.

  9. Alison Smith says:

    Depending on your needs you can find suitable affordable for your business and using that you can send bulk sms to your clients.

  10. Rahul Gupta says:

    No doubt 160by2 is at the top,
    most trustable and reliable service to send free sms..
    Thanks for sharing other websites also. :)

  11. Rahul Yadav says:

    Now days who are using free sms? I think everyone using internet on their phone hence whatsapp and other messenger are being used.

  12. Skynes MarQ says:

    Skynes-MarQ bulk sms services is very reliable and cheap it is very useful for business.Thank You.

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