Top 5 Tips to Emerge as a Good Corporate Blogger

In today’s Internet age dominated by technology, every advertiser throbs to market his brand name, products, services and ideas using a prominent online presence. The usual tactics adopted by companies is to generate immense traffic to the advertiser’s website by Corporate blogging.

What I mean by Corporate Blog ?

According to Wikipedia:
A corporate weblog is published and used by an organization to reach its organizational goals. The advantage of blogs is that posts and comments are easy to reach and follow due to centralized hosting and generally structured conversation threads.

Every visitor or reader of your blog is a prospective customer to your organization who can initiate sales. A powerful blog has the capability to influence your online visibility, search engine rankings, reader interaction and also in building sound customer relationships. Now, you know the crucial role played by blogging in establishing a profitable online business. Blogging is far more than merely writing stuff and it can turn out to be highly advantageous to your business, if you write intelligently and promote it the right way.

Here are some really great tips for becoming a good corporate blogger:

1.) The Basic Fundamentals

The fundamental criterion for writing a good blog is to create unique content. As a blogger, you would be well aware of the recent Google Panda updates which come down heavily on websites with duplicated content. If you are copying content from other websites or doing some crazy things like substituting alternate words, you have great chances for getting penalized by Google. There are no shortcuts for writing content. Your content has to be new, unique and most importantly produced by you.

2). How to Write Wisely

The art of writing a blog can be easily mastered if you want to. While writing a good article the ‘keywords’, which you will going to target in Search Engines, play a major role in attracting readers and in determining visibility in Search Engines. First, choose a theme/niche  for your blog and write article based on the same theme.

Write an appropriate title pertaining to the content you have written. The title of your blog is a very powerful tool as a visitor judges whether or not to read your blog after going through your title. So, make it concise, apt and impressive. Also, the topics you choose for writing should be in some way related to your website and the products you sell.

3). Use Social Networks

Socializing is a one way tactic by which you can make your blog more effective and attract more visitors. Being active on social networking sites and building good contacts is a great way to initiate interaction among your readers. You can build your own community or group and share your posts with them. You can have social sharing buttons such as +1, like, pin it and tweet to easily promote your content on social networks.

4). Make Revisions

You have to regularly update your previous blog posts. Who knows, sometimes a blog you wrote nearly 5 months back will still be driving a lot of traffic and interaction from readers. You have to respond to your reader’s queries and comments and reply to them positively. The information you provided on some blogs may have become outdated with time. So, don’t forget to make the necessary changes to them!

5). Promotion is the key

Promotion is the most important work for everything because even if you create a very good product or blog, if no one is knowing about it then you will be getting nothing.

To have a rewarding blog, promote your blog on other people’s websites and integrate social media into your blogging activity. You can write guest posts for famous bloggers which will help you getting more readers on your blog.

There is a common saying “Rome was not built in a day.” The same rule applies to your blog! It takes time, dedication, creativity, judgment and real efforts to gain expertise as a corporate blogger. You have to produce unique, attractive content and ensure that it reaches the right audience for driving profound traffic and gaining popularity. Finally, being a corporate blogger is not as simple as it is said.

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  1. Hi Rajnish,

    You have chalked out a systematic approach for a Corporate Blog. This should serve as a guide to many who have similar plans of launching their blogs for promoting their organizational goals and objectives. This pattern of blogging is definitely different from other blogging patterns. It is aimed at making the presence of their organization felt among relevant circles, to the extent possible.

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  2. Ankit says:

    Well, thanks a lot for this “great post”, but i am looking for basic tips to improve, any help ?

  3. Alison Wood says:

    I agree blogging is far more than providing content and if used effectively can bring lots of readers, traffic and potential customers to your website. Great insight into creating a corporate blog and writing wisely. Thanks, Good write up.
    Alison Wood recently posted..Website Development & Joomla! ® CMS SolutionsMy Profile

  4. Annie says:

    I agree that every visitor coming to your site is Important. You need to be more aware about your traffic sources and people contacting you; anyone could be a prospective customer:). After the updates you really need to be very careful in writing great quality content and building natural backlinks.
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