Create a Personal Blog For Free, But Why & How ?

Blogging has become the most popular online work after Facebooking, Some blog for spreading their knowledge to world, some blog to get knowledge and some blog to make money online.

There are multiple reasons for you to start a personal blog but today I am here to to tell you Why and How you should Create a Personal Blog For Free, not necessarily free.

Why you should Create a Personal Blog ?

First Reason: Even if you are a great blogger and have a blog that is getting tons of Traffic daily and making you lots of money it is not necessary people who visit your blog read your About Me or About Us page so its obvious that most of people who visit your blog don’t know about you, and there you are also limited because you need to be in you niche to be a better blogger.

And that’s why you will have to Create a Personal Blog to advertise yourself in online world and give more exposure to yourself and your other blog also.

Another Reason: If you are a Freelancer Writer or editor or proofreader, then you can create a personal blog to show your previous works as sample to your employer which is very important to get a big and long term projects.

You might be thinking why you should not create a blog on any other topic than being personal, then I would like you tell you that if you Create a Personal Blog that would be better because when you will show your personal blog to your employer, employer will be able to know more about you, about your thinking and way you solve your personal problem, that will help him to build a better believe in you easily and give you big and long term projects easily.

Another Reason: You can also create a personal blog To build your personal brand. If you want to show everyone who you are, you can take me as a example I am basically a Web Developer or better you can say WordPress Developer. And I worked with around 300+ employers because a year ago I was working for free, so that’s why I worked with lots of people but most of the employers only no my name, email and Skype name that’s it nothing else they don’t have even seen my picture.

And that’s I am thinking to Create a Personal Blog and will, soon !! I am to start it on domain Rajnish.Kr that will represent my name better Rajnish Kumar.

Another Reason: To make money online, In case you are not a expert in any niche (which is very important if you want to make money from your blog) then you can create a Personal Blog because in that you can write about any thing you can do.

What Things You Must Know about Personal Blog ?

Personal blog is not same as other normal niche blog, so that is why you will have to do some special work here. Personal blog is very similar as your Personal Diary.

So, You Must have to care about:

  • Be Constant: Write Daily and on Identical Similar time.
  • Stay Related: Always post articles that somewhere related to you.
  • Be Interactive: Always interact with your visitors by Replying their comments.

In your personal blog design you must care about these points:

  • Must show Date and Time, Recommended to use (8PM 26-February-2012) Format.
  • Choose a Design that matches you, your passion, your mood and your knowledge OR be absolutely simple.
  • Choose design Which is Funky & Cool and Colorful instead of a Professional Business type Theme.
  • Don not choose theme which has lots of boxes, Choose a open one.

Tip: If you want to Create a Personal Blog with your Custom domain then “.me” TLD (Top Level Domain) is Recommended.

How You Can Create a Personal Blog For Free ?

As I said it is not necessary that you create a blog for Free only, If you can create a paid one that will be better than the Free one for sure. In Paid blog you will have complete access over your Search Engine Optimization, Your Content, Your Files etc. If you want to crate a paid blog you will need at least need these:

  • A domain Name
  • A web hosting
  • A theme, Can be Free or Paid.

Domain Name i). BigRock (Cheap Domains Use: as coupon for 10% Discount) ii). GoDaddy (Most Trusted and Used)

Web Hosting i). HostGator (Most Used and Trusted & Use DIGMLM25OFF as Coupon for 25% Instant Discount) ii). WebHostingWorld (Cheapest $1 Per Month, Best for Starters)

Theme/Template i). Thesis Theme (Best SEO optimized and Simple theme on the Net) ii). Genesis Theme (Do Extraordinary Thing while being on WordPress ) iii). Theme Forest (Largest Database to find Great Themes and Templates)

After You have all these, You can install WordPress which is the best blogging platform and start blogging right away. You Need help in setting up a Paid Personal Blog You should take advantage of this Promotional Service.

No, If you want a Completely Free Blog you can use any of the free blogging platforms. I am listing here 3 Top Free Blogging Platforms you can check and use the best suits you.

1. (Free Version of The best and Most Popular blogging Platform on today date, On there are more 461,997 bloggers, 778,008 new posts. It is also available in multiple languages, they have a community which can help you in anything you gone struck with.

2. The Best and Second most popular Blogging Platfrom to Create a Personal Blog For Free, they have no restrictions you can also use your custom domain with them so you will not have to pay for Hosting.

There many more reasons for which you can choose Tumblr, Such as:

  • Hundreds of gorgeous themes to choose from better for Personal blogs.
  • Create original themes, you can create your own theme easily.
  • Mobileability, You can publish even from your phone.
  • Nothing you don’t want, they doesn’t force you to place any ads, banners, or logos into your theme.
  • Automatically post about your article to your Twitter account
  • You can also Publish to Your Facebook Profile
  • Use can use any Analytics, Such as Google Analytics.

3. Google’s service and the Most used blogging platform on the internet till date. You can choose from lots of Templates, completly customizable, you can also use your custom domain with them, mobile supported, place your own ads to make money and really easy to use, and many widgets to make you blog better.

Bonus: If you like capturing pictures all the time you can start a photo blog also on

That’s it, I think I answered all you Question, If I left something please let me know via making a comment below.

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