Facebook IPO Launched at $38, Expected to go $56 with 24hrs

In our previous updated post we said that Facebook will going to launch its IPO at the price of $38 in this week and we are right, The good news it out now Facebook IPO is launched at NASDAQ as FB as Stock Symbol and the Price for each share is $38 experts saying that it can reach $56 with 24 hours as a fastest growing share.

And Guess what happened after 2 minutes ?

It Increased by 4.08% and Gone to 39.55.

3 Responses on Facebook IPO Launched at $38, Expected to go $56 with 24hrs |

  1. Thanks for reporting the news. Opening with $38 and expected to go at $56 and this is just within 24hrs….this is really a big hype and many have shown interest in buying facebook share.

  2. Ethen says:

    Thnx for the info. FaceBook is great.

  3. Keith says:

    Isn’t it great looking at this investment one month on and feeling pleased that you didn’t invest.

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