Facebook IPO Price (Updated), Symbol and Date – Stock will Make You Rich

Yes Definitely Facebook Stock Can Make You Rich, but when ?? That’s the real question now.

Its been around 4 weeks from when the news came out at Wall Street Journal that Facebook Incorporation is Going to launch its Stock/IPO, Facebook also declared that its ticker symbol for Facebook will “FB” (short form of face book) is also a commonly used  element of Internet slang.

After that news Many people are waiting for its launch holding money in their hands because everyone is aware of Facebook’s growth and hence their is no doubt in Facebook’s Stock’s growth, according to various sources Facebook stock will going to increase by rate of 10% or more Per month. According to the news on Wall Street Journal Facebook would have filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission on 1st February.

But there is still no confirmation is coming along from Facebook team, So we will still have to wait for Facebook IPO public release Date.

The news also says that Morgan Stanley (who also served as lead underwriter for many of the largest global tech IPOs) will manage Facebook’s IPO road show as “the first among equals, including introducing (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.”

If you also made your mind to take some shares then you should also know that they are going to launch it at $38 – $40 per share today Facebook Confirmed that their price range for IPO will be $34 to $38 a share, so collect your funds and be prepare to get it as soon as possible after its launch. And don’t forgot to tell use how many shares you have bought ;)

Update 15 May 2012 : News Coming out that Facebook will launch the  IPO this Week at Price of $34-$38 Per Share.

May 15th, 2012

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