4 Rarely Used Ways to Get Free Whitehat Backlinks

This is a guest post by Spencer, Who owns, runs and operates Survey Spencer, a paid survey review website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to get your blog content in front of people actively searching for what you write about. But to get on Google’s good side you need fistfuls of authority backlinks pointing towards your site. Here I have listed four ways to get top-notch, white hat backlinks at no cost to help you rank quickly (and survive in Google’s next algorithm update).

1. Blog Carnivals

To get your content distributed without the hassle and grunt work of traditional guest posting, give blog carnivals a shot. Blog carnivals are when bloggers decide to open their doors to guest-contributed content for a few days.

Getting links from blog carnivals could be easy just upload a quality article to the user-friendly BlogCarnival.com, and wait for other sites to pick up your content during their blog carnival (and link to you of course!).

2. Site Build It (SBI!) Sites

This is a little known method that you can use to get dozens of backlinks from authority sites in your niche with just one or two hour of work. Those that have been in internet marketing for a while have probably at least heard of SBI!. SBI! is an all-in-one marketing program that helps people launch and promote content-based sites.

What makes SBI! sites so appealing is that they’re usually open to accepting content from readers. Also, SBI! sites usually have decent PageRank and age, meaning the backlinks you get from them tend to be especially powerful.

To find an SBI! in your niche, use this search string:
“your blog’s niche” “enjoy this page” “write your own page”

For example, if you have a website or blog which gives surveys for money reviews then you would use keyword like Paid Surveys, Online Surveys For Money etc. However if you broaden you niche a bit and opt for keywords like Make Money Online or Online Jobs then these will also be good.

When you find an SBI! site all you have to do is write a little bit about whatever they’re asking about. In a few days you’ll hear back from the site owner that you’re post was approved (I’ve never had a post rejected yet).

3. Document Sharing Websites

Blasting your article to hundreds of directories no longer works. Instead, turn your original article into a Acrobat File (.PDF) and submit to top document sharing websites, like Scribd.com (PR8), DocStoc.com (PR6) and SlideShare.com (PR8). These allow you to link back to your site in the resource section just like an old-school article directory.

Bonus Tip: To get some targeted traffic from your document, jazz it up with pictures, colored text and graphics, and in general, try to make it look professional.

4. Tutorial Sites

Tutorial sites are one of the most underutilized sources of quality backlinks in the SEO world. Tutorial sites are places where people go to find a step-by-step solution to a specific problem. For example, if you have a blog about gardening, submitting a tutorial on how to eliminate pests to Instructables.com (PR7), Noupe.com (PR6) and Tutorialized.com (PR6) is an easy way to get authority backlinks from unique sources.

Another Bonus Tip: Submitting a tutorial to a niche-specific tutorial site can bring you hundreds of laser-targeted visitors. For example, 1stwebdesigner.com and Flashperfection.com are sites for web designers and Flash developers.

To look for sites that accept tutorials in your area of expertise, enter these search strings into Google:

“Your blog’s niche” +”submit your tutorial”

Although these aren’t magic bullets but adding these seldom-used backlink tactics to your SEO strategy will help your blog to get better exposure in search engines for a long term as compared to other temporary link building techniques such commenting and link exchange.

So, at last I would like to request you to tell us any other Idea you have found for link building or if you have any question regarding link building by leaving a comment below.

14 Responses on 4 Rarely Used Ways to Get Free Whitehat Backlinks|

  1. Spencer says:

    Does anyone else have any little-used backlink methods to get sites ranked post-Penguin? Please share them here!

  2. Robinsh says:

    Hi Spencer, first of all I would like to say that you did a very fair research before composing this article and it was really more than worth reading and hence I just applied the tip where you mentioned about document sharing site.

    And also sharing this article in my social networks.
    Thanks for putting up this informative article !

  3. Hi Rajnish…
    Thanks for such a cool whitehat SEO tips….
    SBI is really new to me and I definitely like to give it a try.

  4. Spencer says:

    My pleasure everyone! I’m glad that you enjoyed the post!

  5. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the tips.
    There was a couple of new things I learned from this post and will for sure give it a try.
    Thomas recently posted..Try Microsoft Office 2013 PreviewMy Profile

  6. Chris Lynn says:


    Thanks for your valuable tips.

    One more tip that can be used to generate good amount of Back links is using Website Site Valuators & Back Link checkers.

    I think most of them are no follow but any back link is worthable..

    – Chris
    Chris Lynn recently posted..Best WordPress Plugins For Handling Images in your BlogMy Profile

  7. Peter says:

    I’ve never heard about a tutorial submitting website before. Didn’t know they existed.
    Thanks for making the list.
    Peter recently posted..“Blogs aren’t Giving Links”My Profile

  8. Jamie says:

    Thanks for that article.

    What I can not understand about document sharing sites, is should I use my link in the pdf file or in the description of my upload.If I use proper anchor in my pdf, will Google see it?


    • Rajnish K. says:

      Thanks Jamie for commenting and asking this great question,
      Most of the document sharing websites allow you to add your link in document description, but some also allow the links in .pdf & .doc documents which can be seen by Google.

  9. Chad Agrawal says:

    Hey thanks for the great tips! I think the tutorial sites would love the content I have to offer. I’m excited about that idea most.

  10. Thanks for your useful information. I hope, I can improve my website ranks significantly.
    Kelsey Jenney recently posted..Get Free WordPress Themes For BusinessMy Profile

  11. Tamil arasan says:

    Unlike commenting, account creation this article contains some great idea to pass the link juice! PDF sharing is the best. First time I’m hearing about it. Thousand thanks for this article!

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