How Good Quality Content Can Beat the Google Updates

Google is the leading search engine giant in the world and its algorithm changes can have a massive effect on businesses, as their keyword rankings shifts dramatically overnight. So far this year, it has rolled out several versions of the Panda update and April’s Penguin update, which follow on from last year’s Freshness update.

All these changes have affected the way marketing firms promote their client’s content. There has been a big shift towards high quality, relevant content on websites to filter out spammers.

In January, Google improved its search landing-page quality detection and then in February it released another round of search quality updates in relation to freshness and spell-checking.

It wasn’t until April when Penguin was released which targeted web spam. This included what has traditionally been known as keyword stuffing, the practice of inserting as many instances of the target keyword as possible in an attempt to rank highly in search engines.
The essential purpose was to help people find high quality sites in the search results and the aim was to improve rankings for only high quality websites.

So it is imperative that all content published by companies and their marketing firms, cater to such updates. But what does Google consider good quality content? Here is an expert guide which is surely going to help you if you want to stay longer on the world wide web and run your business successfully.

Here are several factors which you should consider about your website or blog, related to content:

Quality Matters Not Quantity

First of all, times have changed and there is a big emphasis on quality not quantity. Obviously where possible all content should be of minimum 300 words, but one shouldn’t just write sentence after sentence to meet a word count. If you find yourself writing just for the sake of it, stop and only write what matters.
Google would rather see 200 words of unique, creative content rather than 400 words of boring, repetitive nonsense. Provide fresh, informative content before you even start to think about links.

Be Reputable

Google give priority to reputable sites, so when you are publising content from another source or write except you then you should ask several questions to yourself, such as:

Does your content come from an official authority/source?
Does the write/author is trusted ? The writer needs to have expert knowledge and be reputable to ensure the content is factually correct and trustworthy.
Does your article have useful content for your readers ?
Does it has completly orginal content etc

Too many people try to rank for keywords which are not related to their article’s content by spamming on link building and when Google caught then they lose their reputation overnight and lots of rankings also, so be safe.

Typos and errors

Before publishing your content on the web you must  check your work, check it again and then check it some more. It is crucial that all content is spelled correctly, is free from typos and does not have any grammatical mistakes. After all, who is going to trust a piece of information if it is full of errors, and more importantly for online PR, republish it?

You can also take help from several plugins & Extensions & Add-ons, if you are using WordPress, Google Chrome and Firefox respectively.
I personally use spell-checker of Jetpack plugin for wordpress and Ginger Extension for Google Chrome.

Publish Unique Content

Many of the updates penalize duplicate content so it is vital that your work is unique. There is nothing wrong with using a concept used by someone else, as long as you write in your own way and put your own stamp on it. Plagiarism is shunned and ‘spun’ content must be completely avoided. It needs to be readable for humans, not search engines.

Just remember to bring something new to the world of Internet

You need to bring something to the table and write content of value rather that repeat everything else that has already been published. What would you like to read or learn about? Think of a problem and then offer the solution; write how-to guides, top tips and offer guidance to readers across the world.

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November 23rd, 2012

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  1. I agree. If all you write is quality content then google updates will never be an issue.
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