Google PageRank Update August 2012

Guys I would like to announce the new Google pagerank update news for the month of August 2012, Google started the pagerank update just few hours ago but this times it hasn’t been much better for me I gone from 3 to 2 pagerank.

This is the third PageRank Update in this year 2012 previously it was made in February & May 2012, After I started this blog later in February after the pagerank update I faced the first pagerank update in May 2012 and successfully got pagerank 3 in first update but this time it hasn’t been much better for me. But no worry, it happens and it is most likely to happen when you are in running a blog in the tough competition niche like Technology.

Anyway if you are new in blogging industry or facing this work ‘Pagerank’ for the first times then let me tell you what is this Pagerank is ?

Special Tip: Add your site to Google WebMaster Tools because thats the best way to keep eye on your site regularly and from there only Google can contact your for any problem about your site, Such As:

  • Virus Found on your Site
  • HTML Errors
  • Duplicate Tags
  • Duplicate Content
  • Server Error
  • Crawl Error

Okay Thanks and bye for now, I am not Very Happy Because my  PageRank decreased. But please don’t forget to tell us what happened with your PageRank by leaving a comment below.

10 Responses on Google PageRank Update August 2012|

  1. Pitt Goumas says:

    Hi Rajnish gers

    All these information’s are very useful for all the bloggers and we must follow those instructions faithfully.
    We never forget the most important virtue which is PATIENCE.

  2. RaviSingh says:

    Hello Rajnish,
    Amazing! It is unique information on google update their algorithm. It is very interesting and informative article for all the bloggers/website owner. you have see many recent changes in Google’s algorithm so getting ranked is a quite difficult task.
    Thanks for sharing the great article!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for the news about the August update. I was not aware of this. Although I did not lose any pagerank, I noticed a slight decrease in traffic of about 10-20% from my long established coaching website. Until now, my coaching site had never been affected but two sites where I sell products were literally demolished overnight. Thank you! Suzanne
    Suzanne recently posted..5 Things you Can Do in 10 Minutes Daily That Will Move your Practice ForwardMy Profile

  4. smith warnes says:

    Thanks for sharing your insight on Google PR. My website rank has been unaffected with the recent Google PR Update.Quality content + Quality links is a great way to rank well in SERP.Wonderful post.
    smith warnes recently posted..Website Development & Joomla! ® CMS SolutionsMy Profile

  5. Annie says:

    I scored a 3, previously it was 2. I am happy.. :)

  6. Lee says:

    Hi very interesting. Social media seems to be growing fast in all areas. Not only the amount of people using it. But the importance that it is applying on everybody’s page rank. I am definatly lacking here. So thanks for the kick up the preferable backside

    Thanks lee

  7. Olof Persson says:

    Thank you Rajnish K for giving us some insight into the algorithms of google and the timeframe between updates. I just wasn´t aware of that and was getting a little worried over our new blog not getting any pagerank yet.
    Olof Persson recently posted..And the winners are….!!!My Profile

  8. john says:

    it’s a best feature of google.

  9. I’m waiting for the next update

  10. Lee says:

    Hi just thought I would come back to this post to say I didn’t realize quite how much social media can help in promoting your site. It is like anything when you aren’t using it you don’t realize what you are missing. With social media that won’t happen again.

    So for that thanks, lee
    Lee recently posted..Tummy Control KnickersMy Profile

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