Google PageRank Update May 2012

Here is the great news is Coming out and this news is very important for every blogger or website owner, Google is Started the PageRank Update for May 2012.

This is the second PageRank Update in this year 2012, Previously it was made in February 2012 which was not good for me because till then I was not holding any blog or site so that wasn’t good for me or you can say that wasn’t useful for me but this time its sooo good and useful because I recently started this blog on 19-Feb-2012 and on 5-May-2012 I got 3 PageRank.

If You Are New On the Net You Might Not be Knowing About PageRank, So Take A Look Below:

What is the Google PageRank ?

Google PageRank is Very Important For Every Website owner or Blog owner or any online Business owner because. As You Might know Google is the king of Internet and if you submit your site in Google Search you get lots of Visitor from there because your site now appears in the Google Search Result Pages (SERPs) but then also it appears mostly on 2-3-4 or so on Page, But if You want to be on First Page of Google Search Results and Want to be on the Top of the First Page then PageRank Comes to Help you the more the PageRank you have the more the chances that you can be on the Top.

Okay So What if You Haven’t Got PageRank or Your PageRank Decreased in the Update ?

If in this update you have not got any PageRank or You PageRank gone Decreased, don’t worry all because Google is Now Make very Frequent Updates So Just Prepare for next Update and You will be Happy Next Time.

For New Entrants: Google assigns a PageRank to every website/blogs on the Basis on Many Factors Such as:

  • Links To Your Site while maintaining the relevancy
  • Interlinking
  • Quality of Content on the Site
  • Website Load Speed
  • Bounce Rate
  • Number of Page on your Site (Not Much Imp.) etc

Is Your PageRank Decreased: Steps To Get better PageRank on Next Update:

  • Write posts on the regular basis, I recommend at least 1 Article daily
  • Give a better design to your site so users can interact easily
  • Do comment on related blogs/articles to build related backlinks
  • Make a community around your blog/site
  • Be active in social media like facebook and twitter
  • You can also hire a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert

Special Tip: Add your site to Google WebMaster Tools because thats the best way to keep eye on your site regularly and from there only Google can contact your for any problem about your site, Such As:

  • Virus Found on your Site
  • HTML Errors
  • Duplicate Tags
  • Duplicate Content
  • Server Error
  • Crawl Error

Okay Thanks, I am Very Happy Because I got 3 PR and Please Don’t Forget to tell us what happened with your PageRank by leaving a comment below.

31 Responses on Google PageRank Update May 2012|

  1. Edmund says:

    Sadly speaking, my pagerank remain the same… 1.

  2. Live Chat says:

    Its good news for all website owners and blogger when Google updates PR.

  3. I hope,this time my site page rank will be increase and I will do some cheers after that :)

  4. ManekTech says:

    The last Google page rank was updated in February. Now waiting for next update and I hope this time my site will have good page rank.

  5. Comma says:

    I also hope that our website gets higher Page Rank next time.

  6. Hello Rajnish, I have gone through your article and I must appreciate this article. Great write up with some amazing tips. I agree that submitting your website in the Google webmaster tool can be the best way to keep eye on your site regularly. You can check any kind of errors that has been tracked by Google. Also what you have shared about the PR that also is good. One more thing I want to share with you all, after updating the PR, my site is getting PR1 .. I am really happy and looking forward to work hard and increase my PR in the next PR update. :) Anyways thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Vladimir says:

    Thanks Rajnish for the great advice. I am going to give all from my self to increas my page rank by using your advice.
    Tnx again

  8. Google ranks sites getting better and everything is precise in its decision when adding PR value. Thanks for the good article.

  9. Nice post guy….Actually i felt the effect of recent Google PageRank update but the various was not with the homepage rank. Yes, my inner pages got higher rank because of this update.

  10. Fahad says:

    My blog is only four month old and I have very few posts. My Page Ranked is jumped to 3 from 0.

    Just want to know how I can increased it to PR-4 or PR-5.

  11. Fazal says:

    It certainly is good news that Google is updating more often again. I find Blogspot blogs have a severe disadvantage in gaining PR. My Tumblr blogs gain more quickly.

  12. Steph says:

    Do you have any idea when the next update will be? I have heard anywhere from June to September 2012. I have a PR1 right now, and honestly I didn’t even know what PR was until a few weeks ago when it was updated! Now I am busting my butt writing to move it up. 1 is a lonely number lol.

  13. alisha43245 says:

    It certainly is good news that Google is updating more often again. I find Blogspot blogs have a severe disadvantage in gaining PR. My Tumblr blogs gain more quickly.

  14. Oglasi says:

    We should not run PR at all costs. It is an important but not crucial in gaining some reputation. It is normal to fall over time and grows, along with changes in algorithms.

  15. Pallab says:

    I am trying to increase my site’s page rank. Your article inspire me much about it. Thank you Admin.

  16. Kathir says:

    May I know when will be update next pagerank? I’m waiting for that interesting news.

  17. pulsa says:

    read your manual, it means that there are many parts in my blog that should be corrected. thx

  18. Sukanta says:

    i think that number of pages not so important for any site..But links play a big role…this is my own opinion, I don’t know Exactly….

  19. Thomas says:

    Hi Rajnish
    I friend of mine told me about the PageRank update and I was very surprised and happy to find out that my blog went from PR3 to PR4. When I look at many of the great blogs I visit regular they are all either PR3 or PR4. It is amazing that I am up there. I still look at myself as a new blogger (1½ year).
    Thomas recently posted..Please Twitter. Get it fixed and do it nowMy Profile

    • Rajnish K. says:

      Hello Thomas,

      Congratulations for your +1 Pagerank, although this time it was not good for me. You are on great position with your blog when comparing to the time of 1 and half years.

  20. Thanks for your advices. I will try it, and I hope I can get a better Page Rank as soon as possible. One of the most important things is, I must be consistent. Have a nice days… ^_^

    Read more:
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives

  21. Lee says:

    Really interesting post unfortunately it doesn’t effect me as I haven’t got a page rank at the moment more worried about not getting hit by any updates. Just seeing what happens over the next few months with google.

    Thanks Raj
    Lee recently posted..New customer discount on insuranceMy Profile

  22. dora says:

    google just update my page rank :) my new page ranak is 2

  23. enterijer says:

    Do you still value PR affect the position of site in search engines? What is the impact of PR as a percentage? thank you

    • Rajnish K. says:

      Yes, Pagerank is still a valuable part while ranking the results in Google. I can’t say exactly about the percentage of the affect but I think it is around 15-20%.

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