Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Its Cost

If you are aware of what is a blog or Website and own one then you should know what the heck is this Search Engine Optimization is ? SEO is important for everything which is on internet, either it is your Picture, your Personal blog, your business website, your product (offline or offline) etc. Now we are going in basic details here.

Who Should know about Search Engine Optimization ?

If you are planning to manage your own webpage online for any purpose like blogging or business, or preparing for your computer examinations, or have to make an assignment, or project on Search Engine Optimization and its importance.

Note*- If you have to put-up a site for your business or becoming professional blogger then accept it or not today or tomorrow you will have to know everything basics about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Its Cost, of course.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

No doubt till now you have noted it down that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization if not then you should keep this in mind because almost every blogger and SEO provider call it as SEO not as Search Engine Optimization.

Anyway take it more serious and understand my words that SEO is the process of getting organic traffic directly from the search engines and that also for free, just get rank well for your specialization or product name or your keyword(s) by working on multiple On Page and Off Page SEO factors like meta tags, alt tags,  internal/external link building, social media share, social bookmarking etc.

If you are still not clear about SEO then have a look at the video below what is produced by Common Craft in Collaboration with Search Engine Land, which will clearly and easily show you what this SEO is.

Importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is too easy to define the importance of SEO but I would like to apply an example over your personal life being an student in college.

Just imagine that it is the time when you got admission in college for getting higher education and suddenly the whole college got an assignment to make a personal blog for promoting themself into the college network and over entire Internet.

And you also have to make one, now first of all you will need to choose a domain name like my personal blog Robinsh.Me or, and secondly you will need a web host to put up your files so it can be accessible by World Wide Web (WWW) or internet, and for web host I think HostGator will be better.

So when you are ready with your site it needs to have exposure in your university and as well as search engines so your friends can easily find your blog and read your blog to know more about you. So for that you will have to do SEO to get your blog on the top of the Search Engine when someone search for your name.

And guess what ?

Yeah after you will see that people are coming to your personal blog to reading about you, they will come to your blog probably searching your Name as the keyword in Search engine like Google. But if you want that more people come to your personal blog then you will have to do SEO for more keywords which are related to you and your blog.

Yes, it is not good to do SEO for keywords which are not related to you nor to your blog, that will be only waste of time because now days search engines are smart enough.

If you still did not understood the Importance of Search Engine Optimization then you should read the blog of Matt Cutts who is the one of the most famous search engine marketer and also the head of Google’s Webspam team.

Cost of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Okay if you think that easy enough and you can do it yourself then wait and think again, this is not easy as you think and we can’t tell you everything in this one article, it will be going to be 1000s of pages if you want to become an expert in SEO and according to me most of us can’t this by yourself, so that’s why we will have to hire SEO experts or gurus and they will cost you also, so let talk about how much they will cost to you.

Basically you will never ever get fixed cost of SEO for your web site or blog so you will have to apply for quote and discuss with your details with the company of individual, so they can deliver you the graph of your site SEO work required and money they need to perform the same.

Most common cost of SEO work will come in between $1,000 to $7,500 but you might also get lower budget offer approved by the companies if the competition is low on the keyword you are trying to get ranked in the search results.

Note- Cost of SEO campaign will always depend on a number of key factors like keyword competition, your webpage rank status for the keyword, your web site is on page optimized or not for that keyword, your web site is regularly updated or not and etc for getting exact price quote from the SEO company.

If you want  to know more about Search Engine Optimization then be with us, we will go from basic to detail in multiple articles and don’t hesitate to ask any quick question via making a comment below.

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