5 Secret Behind the Tremendous & Regular Growth of Instagram

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Instagram hited the headlines worldwide when it was announced that Facebook would be buying the entire Instagram application at a staggering amount of $1 billion. You’re might be wondering why an application would cost so much. It cost Facebook that much because of a really good reason that is the number of Instagram users which grown in leaps and bounds ever since its introduction. When Facebook decided to buy it, it already has more than 30 million active users worldwide. And after seeing the huge success of similar photo sharing web site Pinterest I don’t think Facebook might have taken chance to loose this deal.

This application forced people to as a question to themself, ‘Why Instagram is Still Growing ?’.

So, what answer I can give, I can’t say that they are lying and this is just a rumor, because we have seen the proofs of its success. Instead, we found that Instagram’s new Android version in Google Play Store crossed more than one million downloads within 12 hours.

So here are some reasons why the growth of Instagram is on an upward trend:-

1). It is a world class product

The Instagram application is an application in its own league. It was the first of its kind in introducing photo editing for social media. It allows the user to do more than just edit a photo. One can do more by sharing it with other people on the Instagram server or link their pictures on other social media websites. It is the kind of application that works on a social network without having to worry about burning out the number of users. The people who developed this application were courageous enough to launch this application with the social media aspect related to it. In a sense they knew what they were doing and had a planned out strategy in becoming the best in the field of socialistic photo editing.

2). It offers users the opportunity to become part of a community

Have you ever seen someone share their Instagram handle on the internet? Let’s be honest, that rarely happens. In fact it’s safe to say that it never happens. As it stands though, the world is very inter-connected and people can keep in touch with their close relatives and friends. This has led to the mushrooming of a community of people who share similar interests. Including a community aspect to the Instagram application has made it prosper and is no doubt the highest rated and most popular page when it comes to featuring top photos.

3). It is simple to use

Living in the 21st Century means that you are currently bombarded with requests and notifications about what’s going on around you. Sometimes these add on features, requests and notifications can be a major annoyance. The good thing about Instagram is that it doesn’t bother you with pesky information that you do not need in the first place. Many Instagram users will tell you that they were attracted to the application because of its simplicity. What you see is what you get when it comes to Instagram. You would not be required to upgrade to a premium service to enjoy other additional benefits. This essentially means that all Instagram users are on a level platform and play on equal playing field. This is something that many software developers need to keep in mind.

4). It is for everyone

Everything is changing and changing fast. Now the East is quickly becoming a huge part of the socio-economic boom. This paradigm shift means that the users can come from anywhere, in this case the east. In fact, Instagrams newest users are coming from countries such as Korea, Thailand and Philippines. The application is made for everyone! who loves photography.

5). It is free to use

This was the best news of all when it was launched because normally hosting images cost much. There is no greater joy than getting your hands on an application that you do not have without paying a single cent for. Instagram allows its users to access it for free and there is nothing that is kept away from them. This is part of the reason why it has seen enormous growth over the years. As the users continue to increase and the environment continues to become more picturesque, it is hoped that that many celebrities will join the Instagram bandwagon.

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  1. And now that Instagram has incorporated video sharing, expect it to grow stronger and stronger.
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