iPhone 5 now Offered by T-Mobile

Will T-Mobile offer iPhone 5 ?

Going by what various sources have to say, it is believed that service provider T-Mobile will now offer the iPhone 5 in a few days. If this happens, it will be the first time ever that the service provider is selling iOS mobile handsets in the country.

Why T-Mobile has not offered iPhone till now ?

Apple is regarded as one of the best mobile phone manufacturers. World over, Apple products have created a mark for themselves. Apple products have a resale value which is higher compared to that of their competitors in various markets across the globe. T-Mobile on the other hand is counted as one of the best mobile phone service providers.

One of the reasons why Apple has been ignoring T-Mobile is because of the inability of the GSM’s network of this carrier to provide 3G support. However, this service provider has upgraded its HSPA+ network in many markets. This makes it capable of offering 3G coverage. Users purchase unlocked iPhone devices and get service from T-Mobile. By paying less than a hundred dollars a month you can take advantage of T-Mobile’s least expensive unlimited data, text and talk plan for unlocked phones. An Apple and T-Mobile tie-up will certainly solve the problem.

The controversial reports about iPhone 5 being offered by T-Mobile

Just like there are two sides to a coin, there are controversial reports on iPhone 5 being offered by T-Mobile. On one hand in the various sections of the media there are rumors of T-Mobile not going ahead with the iPhone tie-up. Highly placed sources of the company say that they would like the economies to be just right for them to carry the iPhone.

Going by a different set of media reports there is some positive news to cheer. The good news is that T-Mobile stores in some parts of the country confirmed receiving their stock of SIM cards for iPhone 5. Many stores across New York went on record saying that SIM card stocks have been delivered to them.

iPhone alternatives offered by T-Mobile

T-Mobile stores offer its customers a range of iPhone alternatives. The iPhone’s absence has been perfectly filled with Android mobile phones. This service provider offers Android handsets to cater to all kinds of budgets. The store has a huge collection of high-end Android devices as well.

iPhone 5 on T-Mobiles website

The official website of the company displays the iPhone 5. This phone is regarded as one of the thinnest ever iPhones. Classic features of this phone include its 4 inch retina display and its screen size. Despite having a screen that is rather huge compared to its predecessors, iPhone 5 is light on weight. This model of the iPhone does not come with a gorilla glass back. Instead, this is being replaced with a metal body. Apart from these, there are many other features that make iPhone 5 one of the most sought after phones.

Visit the link http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/iphone/learn-more/ to know more information on iPhone 5 offered by T-Mobile.

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