Laziness is Good for bloggers – Secret for Success

When somebody says that laziness is the ladder to success, will you believe it? Well, it sounds kind of weird, but weird things always ring with truth. A lot of lazy people always blame themselves for not being able to keep deadlines and are in constant search for a cure for the same.

But it’s like asking for a cure for excess wealth! Yes, you heard me right! If you are blessed with the gift of laziness, you are one lucky bastard. If you have that gift, then you should exploit it, rather than cry about it.

Types of Laziness in People

When you look into the people who are lazy, you would make out certain observations that are constantly the same.

There’s one set of lazy people who portray a pure and wholesome form of laziness. They are the ones who try to avoid every kind of work. They just hate to work and are the greatest procrastinators. But you know what? These are also the people who try to find out shortcuts to everything they need to do. Well, they have to keep up with time! Shrinking every bit of work, you need to do is a glorious reward in itself.

The second type of people who portray laziness are the one who do it at a higher level, if you think such a thing is possible. Here, they have no intention of doing even a single bit of work. But it takes skill to avoid all work to the point of not doing it. This, my friend, is the supreme form of laziness. Doing nothing, still accomplishing everything.

Qualities of Lazy People

These lazy people are in most cases the most advanced individuals in the society. They are really proficient in everything they do. They know when to accomplish what and how to optimize even the smallest piece of work.

They always know that there’s always a way to perform less work and in a cheaper, safer, faster, funnier, more lucrative, and efficient way. And these heroes of our society always know the best way.

Final Thoughts

Considering everything on the plate, it would be right to say that if you are a hard working person then the chances of you discovering the magical lazy ways of accomplishing your work are very dim. A lot of people are against this thought. They refuse to accept that lazy people are sometimes more capable than the hard working ones.

This article does not have the intent of telling that you should in fact be lazy. No, that is not the point. It’s just that this article is trying to remove a myth prevailing in our society. You look at a young single mom working her ass off doing odd jobs to meet her needs and you think she should have worked hard at school. Well, she is working hard now. Does that ever count? It’s always something or the other. This article purely aims to change that mindset.

Why work more and waste time when you can find a faster alternative? You can use the extra time you get to just have some fun.

March 22nd, 2017

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