Top 10 Essential Tips For Long Term Blogging Career

Blogging is something you should do as a hobby as oppose to a career, until you are fully dedicated to it and have guts &  knowledge to do something extraordinary through your blog, blogging takes time to start making you money so if you are doing it for quick money then I’ll suggest you to do freelancing instead.

There are 100s of rules you should follow to become a successful blogger but I have listed the Top 10 of them, and if you ignore any of them then you are going to fail, so do it and do it right.

#1. Plan your blog posts

#1 Plan your blog posts

This means that you should create an outline (at least) for your blog posts. You should do this so that your blog structure remains consistent throughout your blog, and so that you cover all of the points you were planning on covering. You will also find that it makes writing your blog posts easier, quicker and helps to a create more balanced writing style.

#2. Do not post on all your favorite topics right away

#2 favorite topics

This is a common “newbie” mistake. They will come into blogging full of ideas and topics that they want to write about, and they will use up all of their best stuff within the first few months. After that they will be scratching around for ideas and will probably get bored. Your best bet is to space out your topics and write larger and more in-depth articles on your topics. You then break them up, create new introductions for each and post them as separate blog posts.

#3. Keep it up and do not quit

#3. Keep it up and do not quit

Most blogs start with a big flurry of enthusiasm and then within six months the blogger has given up or only blogs once per month. Most blogs do not make it to the two year mark, which is the reason why so many of the blogs you see these days do not have hundreds and hundreds of blog posts on them (unless they allow guest blog posting). So, the first piece of advice you should take is to keep it up, and make a vow to yourself that you are not going to quit after a few weeks.

#4. You only need to post once per week

#4 post once per week

A lot of people start out and they have lots of topics they want to cover. So they will post twice per week, or three times per week if they are over enthusiastic. But, this is a frequency that is difficult to keep up. If you do decide to keep it up then you are going to struggle to create high quality content. And, if you do not keep it up then what was the point of making frequent posts during the early months? The best frequency is once per week, as most people expect that anyway.

#5. Learn that loyal viewers make up most of your traffic

#5 loyal viewers

New bloggers and moronic web marketers think that blogging traffic is made up of new viewers, but it is not. New viewers are not as abundant as you think. It is loyal viewers that come back every week that make up most of your blog traffic. You must tend to them instead of constantly trying to chase new viewers.

#6. Install an RSS feed into your blog

#6 add rss feed

This is a vital tool if you want to retain your loyal viewers. They remind people that your blog still exists, they tell people when your blog is posted and they give people a link to your blog. It is the perfect tool for retaining your blog readers.

#7. Plan the blog posts of the next 3 months

#7 3 months future

This strategy will help you to avoid the occasional bout of writers block. Writers block occurs as a sort of biological process. There will come days when you simply cannot think of anything to write. If this happens on the week that you are supposed to write your blog post then you are going to be in trouble. If you have already planned the topics and created a bit of an outline for the next three months, then you will have to suffer three months of writers block before you have any trouble.

#8. Use a scheduling tool to post your blog posts

#8 post schedule

This is common sense because it means that your blog posts will be issued at the same time every week, and it means that you do not have to manually upload your posts when the time comes. It also allows you to get a few weeks ahead of yourself for just in case you cannot write for a few weeks or if you want to take a break from blogging.

#9. Have the scheduling tool update your RSS feed too

Again, this is going to save you the trouble of doing it yourself, which will mean that this very important job is not forgotten. Do not write too much on your RSS feed page. A single sentence describing your blog post is enough, as you do not want to scare off your reader before he or she has even seen the blog post.

And if you are using WordPress as your blogging platform then you can be worry free as WordPress updates the RSS automatically everytime you publish a new article on your blog.

#10. Build relationship with niche bloggers

This is very important that you are in touch with the other bloggers via social media or email (if possible), for that you can start with sharing your views with them about their blog, can give ideas for their blog, write guest posts regularly on their blogs.

So, finally if you follow all the above tips carefully throughout your blogging then no one can stop you from becoming a successful blogger, and making lots of money through blogging too.

This is a Guest Post by Kate Funk, Kate is a writer and tutor at She loves covering writing tips and strategies for blogging.

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  1. Great tips! As a blogger, I always think of ideas to improve my blogging career.

  2. Lauren says:

    Great advice. I have seen so many good blogs that start out strong with regular posts, only to fade with maybe one or two posts every three months. Not posting all of your best material right away is a good rule to follow.

  3. Jake says:

    loyal viewers, they are the blog’s life, and you should find a way to reward them. I am thinking about this, since few days but I don’t want to use common solutions, like free ebooks or similar.
    Any ideas?
    Jake recently posted..CommentLuv DoFollow BlogsMy Profile

  4. ige ebima says:

    waooo,i love your advise,am gonna bookmark it and adopt them in my blogging
    ige ebima recently posted..Tips to Become Successful in Small Business BloggingMy Profile

  5. sameer says:

    Bang on..! i am newbie in blogging so this artical give me lot of potential.Very nice tips you share which are very important to take blogging as long term career.

  6. Avnish says:

    For having a long term blogging career you must be patient and should be clear with your vision and steps. Then in this way every day you will get some new achievements and will survive for long time.

  7. Mark Jackson says:

    Hi, I just started an educational blog. Indeed, I have grown impatient with my content posting. The blog scheduling advice is a good reminder that I can schedule my content bit by bit on regular basis. Thanks.

  8. Cattelya says:

    Thank you for the valuable post. I am newbie in blog writing and small online business. Just started on it, and looking forward to take my blog career higher. My first blog is London Clicks what I’m trying to manage well. I hope I can do well by reading your post regularly. Thanks once again, and you are invited to check my blog once at least!

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