Well, quickly writing a good article is not everyone’s cup of tea, even many professional bloggers could not write a stunning and ‘full of content’ article in a short time, but everything is possible, if you are willing to do so.

Today I am going to reveal you some useful tips for power blogging, You just have to keep these points in your mind before tapping the keyboard of your computer and you are good to go for your next article.


  • Plan 1 Hour Free of Distractions
  • Do Some Quick Research on the Topic
  • Be Specific
  • Use Headlines
  • Take Short Breaks
  • Use Grammar Correction Tools
  • Proofread
  • Format Your Article
  • Keep Writing

Plan 1 Hour Free of Distractions

It is obvious that writing time should be free from all types of distractions. Before starting your article make sure you are in a comfortable place and nobody is going to disturb you for a while. And don’t forget to disconnect your devices from WiFi in order to avoid distractions from social networks, and messages.

Do Some Quick Research on the Topic

Yes, it’s very important, even if you already know about the topic alot you should read about the latest updates related to it. Before you start writing anything you should know what are the important things you want to incorporate in your article. Nowadays, it’s easy to get information on any topic just by typing it on Google. Doing some research really helps in writing a quick article.

Be Specific

For a quick writing its very important to write only those things which matters the most. You could write in points as it looks attractive and is easy to follow. Use lists and bullets and avoid going round-&-round for a single thing.

Use Headlines

Using headlines and sub-headlines are a great idea for quick writing as it helps the reader to follow the main idea of the post and the specific point he wants to know about. You should also follow this Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Powerful Headlines by Neil Patel.

Take Short Breaks

Taking short breaks during a task improves your potential and also enables your mind to produce new ideas for a skillful writing. You can also grab a cup of coffee and get back to work, while I prefer tea, while writing.

Use Grammar Correction Tools

Using proper grammar is as essential as the good content for the article. Some devices come with inbuilt correction tools, while for some you will have to download apps or Install the software. As being the user of the MacBook, I would say it is great in this feature and I didn’t need to install any third party application for this purpose, but you should check your device for the same before you start writing.


While writing a quick article there is not much time for proofreading, but you should read your article at least once to rectify your mistakes, as it will be not of much use if it is totally full of simple grammatical mistakes.

Format Your Article

Add pictures, bullets and important links to the article and make paragraphs. Your article should be easy to read, understand and find the main points.

Keep Writing

‘Practice makes a man perfect’– yes its true in every sense. More you write more you improve, keep writing on regular intervals to achieve perfection and charm your audience. Writing articles on a regular basis will not only improve your writing abilities, but also increase your regular audience.

And I have one more important tip for you to improve your quick writing skills – read lots of articles.

Reading other articles around the bloggers will bring new ideas in mind and these ideas are the requirement for writing a killer content.

There are many article writing services you can use for your blogs and websites, but they cost a lot of money and surely won’t bring you the satisfaction. i hope these tips will help you for your article writing sessions.

April 11th, 2017
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