Reasons Why iPhone 5 Should be in Your ‘Must Have List’

Believe it or not, iPhone 5 is now become one of the most anticipated or hyped gadgets ever. This super craze is owing to number of factors including the amazing success of its previous models. It was also expected that Apple would come out with something extraordinary to stay ahead of the likes of Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X.

Has the hustle and bustle come to an end after Apple finally unleashes its mighty iPhone 5?

The answer is ‘No’. Well, the predictions, the anticipations and the story-make-ups have all come to an end. It’s now time to show your love and hatred for the new device.

No matter, whether you are an anti-iPhonist or an iPhone devotee, you still got to admire the fit and finish of the powerful beast. True, the iPhone 5 may not have the magic or the ‘WOW’ factor that its devotees had desired. But it still is a mash of powerful and trendy machine. Apple has not left a single aspect of the older model untouched.

Here is the list of features that makes the iPhone 5, a must-have gadget:

1). The Build quality

Apple has maintained the same rich material and construction of its predecessors coating the device with aluminum and glass to complement its exclusive chassis design. However, this phone is 20% lighter and 18% thinner than iPhone 4S. It is also 9mm taller than the 4S. These changes may not be revolutionary but they are still evolutionary.

2). The Display

The 4-inch retina display has a resolution of 136×640 pixels which makes it a more pleasant screen than the 4S. The depth of colors in the display are more vibrant, as the saturation of color split is 44% better. As a result of this, the display is more vivid and features a lifelike feel while playing games or reading texts.

3). New iOS 6

Considered as the most advanced OS in the world, the iOS 6 is intuitive and elegant. There is also an element of fun and easiness in whatever you touch in the new OS. Features that have enhanced the new iOS 6 include vector-based graphical Maps and cinematic zooming controls. There are 100 more interesting factors about the new iOS. Social Networking is yet another cool feature with options to tweet or work on Facebook directly from notification lists.

4). New A6 chip Processor

The speed of the new iPhone 5 is attributed to A6 chip processor. No matter whether you are working on graphic web pages, intense games, application launch or downloading there is more power and speed to everything you do. The new chip is custom made to offer more efficiency while on iOS 6. This increases the life of the battery which is now good enough for 10 hours of audio/video playback time and 8 hours of talk time and browsing time.

5). Video Recording in High Definition

iPhone 5 offers 1080p of high definition video recording that includes improvised video stabilization which eliminates shaky footage and has the ability to detect up to 10 faces. You can also shoot still phonographs while recording videos. The FaceTime is updated to support 720p and as a result you can create FaceTime video calls in cellular connection even in non-Wi-Fi areas.

6). The iSight Camera

The best camera phone ever just got better with a host of features that will make you love the new phone. The panorama feature being the highlight, allows you to shoot still photos as well as panoramic shots. An exclusive camera app brings more clarity, speed and depth along with a great low-light shooting performance and less noise.

7). Enhanced Earpods For Better Audio Support

The iPhone 5’s audio is enhanced to a great extent with its new Earpods. Apple claims that the new Earpods do not have the closest of resemblance to anything man has used so far. The accessories come with comfortable earbuds and 3 microphones of which, one is located on the front, the other on the back and the third one in the bottom. The earpod features noise-cancelling technology which reduces background noise and helps you enjoy your music better.

8). Improved Siri

The Siri factor was the highlight of iPhone 4S, released last year. The voice assistant is back with a bang in the new iPhone as well. The new Siri can now be controlled by dictating instead of typing unlike the case of the older version. The dictation control works with third-party apps and so you can work on Facebook and also tweet using voice. It is also rumored that Apple is working on Siri so that it can be turned into a voice control system. This will make all the features of the phone function through voice commands.

9). Storage Capacity

The 16 GB, 32GB and 64 GB variants of iPhone 5 means – storage at its best.

10). 4G LTE – the ultra fast wireless connectivity

Taking cellular connectivity to the next level, the fifth generation iPhone supports HSPA+, HSPA and DC-HSDPA. Dual-band 802.11n enhances wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi offering a great browsing experience.

To sum up iPhone 5 is here to stay.

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