7 Reasons Why You Should Stay away from Reliance Jio

After Mukesh Ambani has launched its most awaited 4G telecom service ‘Jio’ commercially, throughout the country, it started gaining a lot of customers overnight. Well, the reason is their welcome, more specifically known as “Jio Preview Offer” a plan that includes unlimited internet and voice calls along with the unlimited SMS throughout the country. The welcome preview pack will be active until 31st December 2016 and after that, you need to take a predefined plan which Reliance has already exposed, which again is very cheaper when compared to other service providers.

Along with all these qualities, Jio has too many disadvantages too. So it is better to first check and verify all the features and systems so that you don’t need to regret for your decision and feel like you have wasted your hard work to get the SIM card, later.

We have researched the whole market and inspected through various aspects of Reliance Jio and made up a list that makes it a worst ever service provider.


Unavailability of Jio Sim

As you might aware that the SIM card of Reliance Jio is not available so easily even in the metros. People are so excited about it, so there is a huge queue in front of all the Jio or Reliance stores. Local Stores have started taking advantage of this situation and they are selling all these ‘Free’ SIM Cards in black ranging from 500 to 1000 rupees.

Only For Selected 4G Enabled Smartphones

The Reliance Jio SIM card is working only on 4G enabled phones so you must be assured to have one before you opt for that SIM. Reliance Jio was first revealed by the mobile phone LYF but later they have started selling SIM cards commercially. There is another problem associated with it that these Sims are working on the selected models and handsets only.

You can check if your smartphone is supported by Jio or not simply by Installing “MyJio” app from the Google Play Store, or you can contact the Jio customer care.

VoLTE Calls Only

Jio has launched its own technology for making voice calls. It uses VoLTE to use cellular calls, but there is another disadvantage associated with it that Volte systems are available only for 4G LTE enabled phones. And mostly it is working with Reliance networks only if you want to connect other networks through voice calls you need to have an app installed on your smartphone.

This technology uses data to call over cellular networks. At the prime time this technology working like hell, there is a bad connection and calling service. Users are facing lots of call drops and noises during a call.

Problems of the “Night Pack”

Problems of the Night Pack

As you might have seen the data pack chart of Reliance Jio and will know that they are offering a free night pack along with each type of data pack. But there is a catch if you see, you will know that all other cellular companies who offer night packs have timings 12-8 am but Jio has night pack timing of 2Am to 5AM, for them night seems a little smaller.

So actually they are offering less timing in night packs with all the data packs.

Data Speed Variation

Data Speed Variation

Jio preview offer is promising unlimited 4G for all but there is still some limitations like you cannot use more than 4GB in a single day, once you use all your 4GB limit of the day the net speed will become drastically slower like 2G internet.

Along with this, Reliance Jio is new and have low network coverages so there is so much speed variation in the internet speed, it becomes drastically slower a lot of times. You can compare the speed of internet in daytime and night, you will know yourself that the net speed gets worse in the night.

Bad Calling Service

If you have been using this SIM then you must have known that even a single call from Jio network is not working. It takes too many attempts to connect to other networks like Airtel, Vodafone and even after successful connection dropping of call is a very common issue.

You may contact easily to the networks of Reliance and Jio but you cannot contact with other networks for sure.

Worst Customer Care Service

Customer care service is a taboo for people since its establishment. It has worst customer care service with very less response and lesser tech helpings. If you call regarding your complaint of Jio to their customer support, at first it will be very hard to connect, if anyhow connected after 5-10 retries, then you will have to wait a lot of time (around 1 hour) to have a conversation with a customer support executive and even after talking to them will also not guarantee to solve your whole problem.

If you think you’ll visit the nearest Jio or Reliance Store to tackle the challenges, then you must be aware that they are not going to hear any of your problem and simply do suggest you to call the customer support numbers.

Final Verdict

Yes, there are a lot of interesting offers from Reliance Jio, but after deep research about the customer’s complaint and personal research by getting the Jio SIM and regular use we came to the conclusion that these offers are not for the customers who needs consistent services.

You may get the free internet for these 3 months, but those 3 months would not going to be like a real 4G speed in comparison to other networks like Airtel, Aircel or Idea, even after the offer period the internet packages of Jio will still be higher than the other cellular networks, so it might be disturbing for you all a sudden when you got to know about it.

There are a lot of other downsides and hypes associated with Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. Services, for example, you can’t manage to make a call if you do not refill with an internet pack. So make a wise decision in making choice of your next cellular SIM card and enjoy all the perks without any obstacles in near future.

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