Should You Replace Your Android Phone With the Latest One

Galaxy_S4This question pops up every time a new Android phone is released, and it becomes very important if that is the newer version of the one you are currently using, just like what happens whenever a new iPhone or iPad appears.

The same question strike in my mind when the new Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched, so should I buy or pass it by?

In this article you will see what factors should affect our upgrade decision, if you are also struck on the same question. So let’s see whether the new version is really worth throwing away your beloved older model.

First, Wait

  • Wait until you have the money, because if you don’t have the money then you will be getting into further debt during a worldwide economic crisis and that is not good for you.
  • Wait until all of your friends have it and you are the only one that doesn’t.
  • In addition, wait a few months on the theory that an even one more newer version must be coming out soon.

Listen What Others are Saying?

Wait until the new Android phone has its critical reception. After its launch you are going to see hundreds of reviews online. Each one will be jostling for number one position on Google. You will easily get criticism from Apple marketers and hardcore iPhone fans if you have iGadgets. You will get glorious praise from people who market the Android and zealous Android fans. Nevertheless, you should search out a number of varied reviews.

Look For Similar Problems?

android problem

You are looking for “Red Flags“, these are things that will tell you that you should not buy the new Android. For example, if you do not like how your Android phone stutters when you play games, and you see a similar problem with the new Android phone, you should avoid the new one like the plague.


Apple items are all manufactured by Apple-approved factories, but it is not true in the case of Android phones, any company can use the open source Android operating system on their phones.

So before buying a new Andro you need to check the manufacturer and company reputation and if you are upgrading then you just have to make sure that the new phone is also built in the same factory as the previous one (by the way I don’t think it matter a lot).

Whatever you are buying, don’t forget – newer doesn’t always mean ‘better’!

Huawei Ascend Mate 2013

Before we throw Chinese manufacturers under the bus, the Huawei Ascend Mate 2013 should be mentioned. It is bigger than the Galaxy Note II, and has a 6.1-inch screen. It has a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and an 8-megapixel camera. You should upgrade if you already have a Huawei, and if you are still considering buying the Galaxy Note II, you may want to give this one strong consideration.

For The Active User

If you are an active person and are sick of your Smartphone bulging from your pocket or getting knocked, you should consider the Samsung Galaxy S4 2013. South Korea may release a few poor quality products, but this one is set to be a world-beater and should be watched closely as it may knock Japanese electronics off the top spot. It is lighter, thinner, flexible and unnaturally durable.

For The Hardcore User

If you are going to spend a lot of your time staring at your Android screen, then you should upgrade to one with a larger resolution this year; try the LG Revolution (Verizon Wireless). It even has a 1080p HD video capture. It has an advance app folder system to snip a second here and a second there from the time you spend on your Smartphone. For hardcore users — these small amounts are going to add up to weeks of conveniently saved time.

Author Bio

This is guest post by Chris Shalt, he is a tech writer and blogger with years of experience writing for gadget and electronics blogs, as well as educational technology sites such as Chris loves new technology, and enjoys spending his free time keeping up with the newest phones, tablets and laptop computers.

August 14th, 2013

4 Responses on Should You Replace Your Android Phone With the Latest One|

  1. Andy Bland says:

    I have Galaxy S3. I don’t care so much about S4. I’m happy with my gadget.
    Andy Bland recently posted..Auto ResponderMy Profile

  2. I am totally agree with Andy Bland. I am using Galaxy s3 and was waiting for 4.3 OS update from a long time but Samsung released it for S4, just to increase the sale. Now Note 3 is out, one day S4 will also be a waste thing for Samsung and they will leave caring about it too.

    I thing instead of replacing my s3 with s4, i would like to replace Samsung with HTC or iPhone.

  3. anchal joshi says:

    Galaxy S4 is way better than S3. People who are still using S3 are flying blind in this world.

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