Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Price and Quick Overview

Finally the wait of all Samsung fans has ended, Samsung S7 was launched on 21st February 2016 in International market via Virtual Reality setup as the Chinese brand OnePlus did for its smartphone launch few months ago. But I think it will be not be instantly available for purchase in some countries, so wait a while guys, it will hit the stores near you, very soon.

On the Samsung’s product page for Galaxy S7 I have seen that they are enforcing the tagline “Rethink what a phone can do” and I really tried to think a lot but couldn’t understand it :wink: So, I continued with the features and specification details anyways, to see if I can find an answer.

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Looks (4/5)

galaxy s7 and s7 edge design

Design of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices, looks fabulous, it has great curves, smoothness and perfect sexy slim body, I’m quite sure that you will get lusty when you will see and hold the device in your hand. The volume rockers and power button’s placement is same as all other Samsung smartphones, so if you are upgrading from Samsung smartphone, then you won’t find any trouble with buttons at all.

Additionally, as a safety the device is dust & water proofing, company claims that even after emerging the phone inn 1.5m deep water for 30 minutes it will work normally.

Camera (5/5)

galaxy s7 and s7 edge camera

Both the cameras of Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge has been optimized for low lighting conditions, so you should be now able to capture a noise free picture even in less light or indoor. And also for the first time in the smartphones these devices will have a dual pixel feature that will decrease the auto focus time drastically when changing scenes quickly.

There are 3 Camera feature that I liked a lot are; Motion panorama & Motion PhotoHyperlapse (so cool).

With the motion panorama feature you can capture sweeping movements in panoramas with motion, the image will be captured at the same time in seamless, stitched sequence of the clearest frames from the motion version.

The Motion Photo feature will capture moments of the 3 seconds ahead when you press the shutter button on the devices and then you can view all the frames and choose the best one to keep and erase the rest, with this you will be getting at least 1 best pic every time you click.

Hyperlapse is a nickname given by Samsung to the time-lapse feature, what basically hyperlapse does is that it can capture hours of video without filling up your memory as it is being fast forwarded in real time that means the duration of the video will be lot lesser than the actual shooting duration.

After the Samsung Galaxy J series smartphones, they started to include a front flash in all their new smartphones, and this is the only feature I genuinely miss in my Oneplus One, It also supports 120˚ wide selfie, so taking group selfie is now much more fun and no one will be left out.

Gaming (4/5)

galaxy s7 and s7 edge gaming

Seems like finally Samsung has understood that their devices are also being used by youngster who like to play music and hardcore games on their smartphones. They have included some Vulkan API that will increase the effects of the games dramatically when playing games developed with that API, such as Need for Speed No Limits and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

S7 will now include a Game launcher (another bloatware) that will automatically  organize all the games in one folder for easier access and you can also mute the game notifications, adjust game settings to save your battery juice.

But, I’m in love with the new “Game Tools” that can be used to:

  1. Hide all alerts while you are playing games.
  2. You can now lock your Recent apps and Back Keys, no more exit by mistake at critical points.
  3. You can also minimize your game for doing another task.
  4. Ever wondered about taking screenshots and screencast while playing games on your Android device?, Yup, you guessed it right, it is now possible.

Final Question, How Much Does it Costs?

If you want to order for the Galaxy S7 you will have wait till 23rd when the pre-order will be started, the Galaxy S7 is priced around $670 and the S7 Edge comes in at $780. You can also check out the cheaper smartphones such Samsung Galaxy On5 and Samsung Galaxy On7.

February 22nd, 2016

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