Simple C Program to Print Resume

Better than Hello World! C Program

If you have recently started to learn C Programming online, a simple c program to print resume will be a good start for you as a beginner in this C program will just print some basic details about you using C programming language.

Some resume examples for students, I should include :-

Your Name,


Address and

Contact Information

C Program resume output


Additionally, it could include

Your objective,

Skills and

Work Experiences, if any

So, We will just do a simple c program here, which can be easily modified to add more details if required, so lets start.

Every C Program start with the import of some ‘Header Files’ in the program, these header files contain some pre-built functions that we use in our program. There are lots of header file and we import them according to our requirement, for this program we just need one header file that have ‘Standard Input & Output Functions’.


Next is the main function that has the special priority while program execution, it will also hold the rest of the program code. Main function can also call several other external functions within itself to make use of its working or to get output from the function. Main function will go like this:

void main()
//Program Code

If you notice carefully there is also a “void” argument before the main function, void means this function will not return any value it will just print the output in itself.

For printing the student’s resume, we will have to use the “printf” function in the main function.


Finally, putting all the code together we will now create the compilable code.

C resume program

void main()
	printf("\n NAME:- Rajnish K.");
	printf("\n ADDRESS:- House No 162, Sector 14, Allahabad, U.P, India");
	printf("\n EDUCATION:- Pursuing Bachelor of Computer Application");
	printf("\n MOBILE:- +91 8858XXXXXX \n\n");

Put all this code in a text file with .c extension and open with TurboC or Directly type it within the TurboC Editor.

For .C file of simple c program to print resume click here.

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