How to Get Targeted Internet Traffic to Your Blog or Website ?

Getting traffic or Visitors to any Website or Blog is the most tough work as well as most important work, and this is the place where most of the bloggers or website owners get struck. And if you solve this problem by anyway Second problem comes in, getting targeted internet traffic, it is even more tougher than just getting traffic !!

Traffic is like wheels for any online business or blog but Targeted Internet Traffic is like fuel to them, You can just push your business or blog with traffic but to run it you will need Targeted Internet Traffic.

So here I am Listing Top 5 Ways to get Targeted Internet Traffic

1. Buy Traffic

This is the Fastest way to get Targeted Internet Traffic, there are many companies which provide great solution for Targeted Internet Traffic you can get thousands of visitors at the low rate such as $4 or $5 per thousand. They actually place your site link or banner on many site relates to your site or business to provide you Targeted Internet Traffic. They are so cheap because they buy the ad place for 1 one or more year on other blogs and websites in multiple niche at once which cost very less and then place you link their.

2. Get Traffic from Social Media

You can created account on top social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to promote your website or online business and get Targeted Internet Traffic.

But it should not just limited to creating account, you will have to promote your social network profiles and pages to your current visitors to get Fans and Followers and then you will have to build relationship with then to make them believe in you.

3. Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

This is also one of the fastest and safest way to get Targeted Internet Traffic to your website or blog, You can purchase classified ads on Search Engine result pages of Google Via Adword, your ad will only be displayed when someone searches for something(keyword) which is really related to your website or blog. You will have to  pay for each click you can also set your daily budget so it will not cost you more than what you want to spend.

4. Sponsored & Guest Blogging

You can sponsor any post on other top blogs which is related to your or your topic, so everyone who will visit that post will also see your sites link or banner above and below the articles. And when that article is highly related to your website or blog then every visitor you will get from that article will be very targeted.

You can also do Guest blogging, I mean you can write articles on other top blog which are related to your business, website or blog. Then you will not have to pay for it, but you must have a good writing experience to get approved on top blogs. Or you can also write articles on content  sharing sites like Ezine Articles.

5. “Steal” Other’s Traffic

This is something like traffic exchange but this time instead of doing exchange with random and non related site you will have to find related sites to your business, lets assume you sell computer accessories then you approach them who sell Computer, Laptops and Netbooks and ask then to promote you in their newsletter and if possible place your banner on their site.

All this ways have been greatly worked for many people, business and blog  around the world so you should also try these out and also let me know if you find any better way to get Targeted Internet Traffic.

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