Top 5 Free Apps to Encrypt Your Text Messages

Someone Might Be Spying on Your Text Messages

Due to standard potential security risk, wary of government imposition in the daily communications and unencrypted messaging, mobile phone users have become too savvy. There are some people who need to encrypt messages and calls for their business needs and there are some others who don’t want other people to peep into their lives. There are lots of free message encrypting app available for consumers who want to keep their private lives private, without spending a lot of money, we’ll going to sort the top 5 of them.

But before getting such app, one must be able to differentiate between the secure text messages which are archived, to be accessible later, as normally expected with text messages and the ephemeral text messages which are particularly not saved in the cloud/servers and disappear in some set amount of time. There are some apps that provide both features while in some apps, you will have to change settings to ensure the life of these messages.

Another thing that you need to know is that these apps will not provide physical security. In case you don’t set a pass code then a person who has physical access to the mobile phone will be able to view your messages. So, if you are really concerned with your privacy then prudence is a necessity.

So lets check out the list of the text message encrypting apps in detail, and then you’ll be choose the one right for you.

1. TextSecure and Signal

TextSecure and signal for Android and iOS respectively, app was created by the former Twitter security researcher (Moxie Marlinspike’s open whisper systems) and it efficiently encrypts messages for Android for free, in both rest and transit.


Key Features of TextSecure

  • With this app, you can send text messages to anybody in your contact list, but end-to-end encryption of text messages will only happen in the chats with other users of this app. However, when a conversation is not secure, the app will inform you.
  • There are some options which enable you to increase the security and they include options like disabled screenshots by default and scanning, encryption keys to avoid the man in middle attacks by cyber criminals.
  • You can even send the text messages by data instead of sending SMS which helps you to avoid metadata storage with your phone provider.

Supported OS

It is free for both Android and iOS Devices

Advantages of TextSecure

  • You can send encrypted text messages and MMS for free
  • Very easy set-up
  • Strong setting options are available
  • It encrypts in both rest and transit
  • It is efficient in encrypting complete message library

Disadvantages of TextSecure

  • Stock messenger is not replaced completely
  • It is only available for Android right now
  • Media messaging is fussy
  • Text plan is required

Download for Android & Apple iOS

2. Wickr

Wickr enables you to share end-to-end encrypted/self-destructing messages. This even includes all your file attachments and photos.

Key Features of Wickr

  • It helps you to send end-to-end encrypted messages, voice messeges, photos and videos with complete sender control.
  • You can irreversibly erase all the messages, videos and pictures that have been deleted from your phone.
  • Ephemeral photos/conversations can be made to disappear from 3 seconds to 6 days.

Supported OS

Wickr supports Android and iOS smartphones, and also has desktop softwares

Advantages of Wickr

  • Focuses is on security for users
  • The interface has been improved
  • Provides layers of encryption
  • Secured and efficient systems for searching people
  • Shredder option
  • User defined lifespan for media and messages
  • Group messaging

Disadvantages of Wickr

  • It may screenshot the content
  • As compared to other apps, it has a smaller user base
  • Measures of security don’t offer sync among multiple phones

Download for Android & Apple iOS

3. Telegram

The Telegram has focused on security and speed, it syncs between all your phones and it can be used on phones, tablets and even desktops and it is made for those people who want complete privacy.

Key Features of Telegram

  • It allows you to send unlimited messages, videos, images and any other types of files and offers secret chats.
  • Telegram groups can have about 200 users. You can send broadcasts to about 100 people at the same time.
  • It even works efficiently on the poorest mobile connections.
  • It is reliable and completely free

Supported OS

Android and iOS

Advantages of Telegram

  • Add-free and completely free app
  • Multiple devices synchronization
  • Send any type of file of a size up to 1GB
  • Destruct messages with a set timer
  • Store you media in cloud

Disadvantages of Telegram

  • No voice calling option provided

Download for Android & Apple iOS

4. Gliph

Gliph provides convenient communication with people in your business network or social network. It is also a Bitcoin payments app and it also provides secure group messaging.

Key Features of Gliph

  • It provides complete privacy. When you delete messages, it is erased from both sides of the conversation and also from the server.
  • It offers industry-leading privacy policy and well created privacy controls that other apps do not offer. It doesn’t track you on internet and it is add free.
  • One unique feature is a Flexible secure group messaging, which allows you to show pseudonym to a gaming group, and you real name to co-workers.

Supported OS

Android, iOS and desktop

Advantages of Gliph

  • Bitcoin enabled application
  • Deletes messages completely
  • Does not track you online
  • Tablet and desktop version
  • Lockdown privacy protection password for data protection
  • Hi-res images can be sent securely
  • Easy and lots of options and settings

Disadvantages of Gliph

  • None

Download for Android & Apple iOS

5. Surespot

Surespot provides free, efficient and reliable end-to-end encryption of your text messages, photos and your voice messages and provide complete security of your private data. It is very easy to set up and use. It offers backup possibilities and push notifications and it does what is says. When the app is open, messages are received and sent instantly via socket IO.


Key Features of Surespot

  • It is not connected with E-mail or your phone number.
  • It allows you to send voice messages for times when you don’t want to sit and type.
  • To keep all the data separated, it offers multiple identities on your device and your identity is transferable. You are able to transfer all your secure chats to other devices.

Supported OS

Android and iOS devices

Advantages of Surespot

  • Open source
  • It is pretty fast and reliable
  • Design is beautiful and simple
  • Audio messages and images are supported

Disadvantages of Surespot

  • It stores only 1000messages at a time.
  • Video is not supported
  • Does not support group messaging
  • No forward secrecy

Download for Android & Apple iOS

You can communicate via messages anytime, anywhere. Send a single message or a group message to several peoples at once, but you should always be careful, someone might be peeping into your private life.

3 Responses on Top 5 Free Apps to Encrypt Your Text Messages|

  1. callino says:

    Stop using Surespot, it’s likely that it was subject to requests for user data from law enforcement agencies (see Wikipedia).

    You didn’t mention Threema, which, in my opinion, is the best (both security- and feature-wise).

  2. Diana says:

    Great method to add an extra layer of security to your text messages.

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