Top 5 WordPress WebHosting Providers: For Beginners

Those who want to start a new website or blog and are looking at WordPress CMS because it is economical & very easy to maintain. Even those who don’t have any prior experience in handling WordPress can also easily maintain these websites or blog individually.

For those who want to create a new WordPress website should to be careful when selecting a WordPress webhosting providers and should also have a basic knowledge about them to avoid unnecessary costs and downtime. Here we have listed of top 5 cheap WordPress hosting providers who offer quality services and support.



It is the best cheap WordPress hosting provider and has been offering web hosting services since 1996. More than two million websites are hosted by this company and this itself proves their reliability and customer friendly plans.

Their plans start from as low as $1.95 per month (after deducting discounts and using coupon codes) and one can maintain unlimited websites with a single hosting account. It prefers H-SPHERE control panel and supports PHP 4.x or later.



Offering WordPress webhosting for as low as $2.5 per month (after availing all the available discounts), it is also in webhosting business for a long time. They are offering money back guarantee also, if you are not satisfied with their performance after using their hosting services for 30 days, they will return all your money.

They are offering 100GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth and gives free domain name.



In the personal class, Arxive is providing the economical hosting services and the monthly plan is close to $2.80 per month after deducting the discount. This WordPress webhosting provider is not offering any free refund trail, but it is worth trying because of nominal fee.

It is offering unlimited bandwidth; unlimited disk space and one can maintain six websites from single hosting account. Its headquarter is located in California, they are offering the hosting services for more than a decade and are highly reliable.

IX Webhosting


The monthly plans of IX WordPress webhosting provider start from $3.49 per month and they are also offering free disk space and one can manage unlimited websites from their hosting account.

They are offering 512MB of PHP Limited Memory which is considerably higher when compared to other hosting providers. It uses cpanel control panel and the backup is taken weekly.

Inmotion Hosting


Inmotion is another good provider of cheap WordPress hosting services and one can even try the full refund trial. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the hosting providers, even after 90 days they will return the money.

They are also offering free unlimited disk space and bandwidth, but they are not providing any free domain names and the user can only host multiple websites on his webhosting account.

All these web hosting providers are offering free live chat and toll free phone call support and other common features include, but not limited to instant account activation, instant hosting upgrade, shell access, supports MYSQL versions 5.0.81+, unlimited email forwarding and many more basic features.

If you need any help in WordPress Installation, you can let us know and we will help you out in sorting the problem quickly. And share this post with your friends too.

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  1. maliha says:

    i am so glad to see this these i did not know about these 5 web hosting providers thanks

    • Rajnish K. says:

      You are welcome Maliha,
      Actually the bluehost is very popular web hosting provider but the rest of the four are not very well known but offer great packages and services.

  2. Antonio says: deserve a place on this list. It is one of the best hosting providers I have ever deal with.

  3. satya says:

    it is really healpful information.thanks for sharing it with us.

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