Top Indian Bloggers and Their Monthly Income

Making Money by Blogging takes Patience

Blogging in India is becoming popular day by day, many people started blogging by getting attracted toward the lucrative success of current Indian bloggers. But only a few of them taste the success and popularity of being a blogger.

Maintaining high traffic on the blog is not only about writing well; you should have knowledge of other involved aspects like the Search engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization, lots of effort and a little patience. Although, Being obsessive about writing blogs will always remain a motivational factor to become a successful blogger in any particular field.

Inspired by this; most of the novice bloggers want to know their secret of success, they want to know about their regular income from the blog, what is the rank of their page and how many visitors they attract.

We feel excited to see that Indian bloggers are generating massive revenues from their blogs. So, below we have curated a the list of top 5 Indian bloggers based on the revenue they are generating from their blogs and its ranking, check them out and let us know if you want to become one of them too.

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal Indian Blogger

This is a well-known name in the blogging world. Almost every blogger (including the new bloggers) got inspired by his story and his success. He holds a real importance as an Indian blogger. He quit his regular job in 2004 and started his journey toward getting crowned as India’s first and the only professional blogger.

Education: Amit Agarwal is an I.I.T. passout with an engineering degree in Computer Science.

Work Experience: His clientele during his professional journey, at a reputed MNC ADP Inc., includes big names like Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs.

Expertise In: He mainly writes technical blogs, including “how-to guides” for the web, desktop and application applications or software. Amit has written for big brands like The Wall Street Journal, BBC Radio, The Hindustan Times and CNBC TV18.

About his blog

Blog Title: Digital Inspiration Technology Blog

Blog URL:

Alexa Rank: The Alexa Rank of his blog in India is 1,157 whereas the Alexa World Rank is 6,682, and Site Linking is 6,960.

Google Pagerank: The Google Page Rank was 6 before Google shut down its Pagerank service.

Traffic: He registered the domain of in 2007 which attracts daily unique visitors of approx. 80,000 and daily page views of around 12,00,00.

Monthly Earning: His approximate earning at around $60,000 monthly which is around 3 million INR per month. This income is mainly derived from Affiliate Income, Google Adsense, and direct Paid Advertisement.

Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal Indian Blogger Shoutmeloud

He is rising star in the field of a blogging, he is one of the bloggers making money using simple ways of Adsense and affiliate marketing. You can also go to his blog and write for him if you are a good write like me, I have written several blog posts on his blog too.

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He is gaining popularity mainly due to his writing style, which is very good in the manner of smoothness, once you started reading his article you are going to read it till the last word. His blog, Shoutmeloud, has a clear and explanatory content. He writes each and every blog post from his personal experience or after complete research on the related topic.

About his blog

Blog Title: ShoutMeLoud – Shouter Who Inspires

Blog URL:

Alexa Rank: The Alexa Rank of his blog in India is 435 whereas the Alexa World Rank is 3,943 and Site Linking is 4001.

Google Pagerank: The Page Rank of his blog was 3.

Traffic: He registered the domain of in 2008 which attracts daily unique visitors of approx. 10 thousand and daily page views of around 15 thousand.

Monthly Earning: He approximately earns a gigantic $23,535.81 monthly which is around 1.8 million INR per month. This income is mainly derived from Affiliate Income, Google Adsense, and direct Paid Advertisement.

Shardha Sharma

Shardha Sharma Indian Female Blogger

Shardha is a blogger from Bangalore, India who runs her own venture Before starting her website in 2008, she was associated with CNBC-TV18. Her blog has compiled the story of more than 15,000 entrepreneurs. She is now doing this for 6 years and manages in getting her blog recognized as a global brand.

She is not alone in doing all this, but manages an expanded team of bloggers. She manages to earn around 10 million INR per month from this website and in 2013 raised an investment of around 70 lacs.

About her blog

Blog Title: YourStory

Blog URL:

Alexa Rank: The Alexa Rank of her blog in globally is 3,168 and in India 197th rank.

Traffic: Her website manages to attract around 103,325 unique users daily which result in generating 309,976 daily page views.

Earning: This all returned her a daily revenue near to somewhere around $310 USD approximately. The source of income is same i.e. from Affiliate Income, Google Adsense and direct Paid Advertisement.

Amit Bhawani

AMIT Bhawani indian blogger

His interests in sharing the latest update and news about technology and gadgets to his followers on his blog He registered the domain in the year 2007 and took the path to becoming a high ranked Indian blogger.

About his blog

Blog Title: SEO & Internet Marketing Blog by Amit Bhawani

Blog URL:

Alexa Rank: The Alexa Rank of his blog in India is 17,266 whereas the Alexa World Rank is 170,462 and site linking is 493.

Google Pagerank: He managed to bring the page rank of his blog to 4.

Traffic: The daily page views on his blog are 95 thousand and daily unique visitors are around 7.5 million.

Monthly Earning: He makes around 1.5 million INR from his blog monthly that includes Affiliate Income, Google Adsense, and direct Paid Advertisement.

Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai Indian Blogger

He own website. Like Amit, he is also an IT professional who love to write on a different segment. He likes to write on different topics like, news related to startups in India, Technologies, gadgets, and other business related segment.

He has also bagged prestigious awards like “Times of India special report on Blogging completing 10 years” and “India Blogs1.0 directory of Popular and Upcoming Indian Blogs”.

About his blog

Blog Title: Indian Business of Tech, Mobile & Startups

Blog URL:

Alexa Rank: The Alexa Rank of his blog in India is 1,622 whereas the Alexa World Rank is 20,899  and site linking is 1,503.

Traffic: He registered this domain in 2017 and attracts 78,700 daily unique visitors, the total numbers of daily page views on this website are around 215,000.

Monthly Earning: He manages to earn around $21000 per month (approx. 1.2 million INR) from Adsense.

One thing that is common among all these top bloggers, is that all of them are fanatical about blogging and hold a vast interest in writing and sharing with their open audience. One more thing that they all have in common  is that they all started from the very small individual blog and at that time they took  a risk of leaving what all they were doing professionally.

And what they are getting in Return? They are generating handsome revenue out of that risk. So, it’s time to start your own blog.

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