New Windows 8 Embraces Wireless Internet Needs

The pace at which technological innovations are made is getting faster and faster. This is especially true in the field of electronics. With the intense competition among companies, each of them are at their toes in soliciting loyalty from customers by bringing new features and deals.

In this vein, Microsoft recently introduced a more sophisticated version of its software in the guise of Windows 8. Though some users are still on the verge of embracing this product, tech savvy individuals started using this new system.

Undoubtedly, more users are amused with the newfangled features and functionality integrated in the system. What’s more impressive about Microsoft and Windows 8 is how fast the software managed to keep up with the demand for wireless internet in the market.

Easier Wi-Fi management

When Windows 8 was launched, the manufacturers promised an easier management of wireless connection. True to their vow, Windows 8 came with a pretty straightforward Wi-Fi capability and trimmed complexities for mobile connection. The details about the improvement of wireless connectivity in Windows 8 were published on the blog of Microsoft’s program manager Billy Anders.

His words solicited excitement among tech junkies.

Anders discussed that the new system of Windows 8 has the capability of integrating mobile broadband with the old or traditional Wi-Fi connection. Clearly, the end goal was to bring the consumers an ultimate wireless experience, which is far more superior to Windows 7.

One of the improvements integrated into Windows 8 was the easier and simpler connection of mobile devices, along with other third-party software and drivers. Hence, users can potentially enjoy greater leeway when it comes to wireless connections.

This notable upgrade was made possible through the collaboration of Microsoft with other hardware companies and enterprises like Broadband Expert. Together, they created a universal driver that will be compatible with any mobile device.

As such, users can enjoy wireless internet connection without the hassle of installing additional drivers or software. All they need to do is use this universal driver and configure it to their computer. With these simple steps, it would be easy to browse the web whenever…wherever.

How is this plausible ?

Windows 8 comes with a universal driver that has the ability to detect a mobile broadband carrier. The recognition process is automated, regardless of the SIM and device used. The system is built to automatically configure the settings before connecting to the account. Users who are not subscribed to data plans, can simply use the “connect button”.

In a few minutes, the wireless connection will be established. The system will then show you the data counter where you can monitor your consumption and length of usage.

So finally, I would love to have similary great features in future versions of the Windows, let me know what you think about it ?

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  1. Rob says:

    Impressive! Microsoft is totally reaching out to a vast group of audience. Microsoft has done a great job in upgrading its OS interface to a new level. Now with Windows 8 around, it would be a greater challenge for developers to create more interactive applications.

  2. Yannie says:

    Internet is not new anymore…
    It will surely be there. hehehe!
    Yannie recently posted..Dealing With Code 37 ErrorMy Profile

  3. shailesh says:

    Guys windows 8 have lots of bugs that’s why Microsoft is going to launch windows 8.1
    shailesh recently posted..How to Root – Unroot Sony Tablet PMy Profile

  4. So can I update my laptop’s Windows 7 to Windows 8?

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