BlackBerry Z10, Finally a Touchscreen BlackBerry!

Although For Last Few Decades the Blackberry devices has been meant for business persons only but now the time has changed and Blackberry now became a style statement among youngsters and status symbols among professionals. Hence, The New “BlackBerry Z10″ built to keep you moving Another great Smartphone coming from the house of BlackBerry Ltd. […]

Ready To Use CSS3 Rollover Animated Social Media Icons

There are multiple ways to add social media to your weblog or website, you can either add it directly as images and link it to your social media page or profile, you can also use plugins to display them without any coding if you are using WordPress. But if you want to show it with some […]

Should You Replace Your Android Phone With the Latest One

This question pops up every time a new Android phone is released, and it becomes very important if that is the newer version of the one you are currently using, just like what happens whenever a new iPhone or iPad appears. The same question strike in my mind when the new Samsung Galaxy S4 has […]

Blog Page Template For New Twenty Thirteen Theme

People always like to modify the homepage or show a static page as homepage but what if you also want to have blog along with the static or customized homepage then you will have to created a custom blog page template. And as WordPress recently launched its new default theme Twenty Thirteen, a single column […]

Top 7 Tips for Printing Great Photos at Home

Did you recently gone for a vacation or a attended a marriage, and there clicked some great photos in your digital camera or Digital SLR  and now you want to print those cool photos for your albums then you must read these tips before you try to print those photos on your home printer. You […]

Top 10 Essential Tips For Long Term Blogging Career

Blogging is something you should do as a hobby as oppose to a career, until you are fully dedicated to it and have guts &  knowledge to do something extraordinary through your blog, blogging takes time to start making you money so if you are doing it for quick money then I’ll suggest you to […]

Project Loon: A Special Project From Google Inc.

If I say truly, I always wished to have technology like this one because in India where getting an internet connection is just like fighting with aliens. Because you can’t really do anything when dealing with these governmental ISPs BSNL and MTNL. You will have to do whatever they say, submit ID proof, Address Proof […]

Top 10 Free SMS Sites in India – Most Popular

Yesterday when I was going to sleep I got a message which I had to reply but when I tried to reply I got a notification saying you have no balance so the message couldn’t be sent, so I thought about using online messaging service 160by2 which is the most popular and was successful. And […]

Top 37 Best Online Shopping Sites In India – Part 1

There are millions of websites which offer online shopping facility for their own products or services, there are also a number of eCommerce sites which sell other branded products directly and some marketplaces just work as a mediator in connecting seller and buyer together and provide us with lots of cheap deals for all types of products […]

iPhone 5 now Offered by T-Mobile

Will T-Mobile offer iPhone 5 ? Going by what various sources have to say, it is believed that service provider T-Mobile will now offer the iPhone 5 in a few days. If this happens, it will be the first time ever that the service provider is selling iOS mobile handsets in the country. Why T-Mobile […]